For each awful stranger there are thousands of awesome ones

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This is one of those feel-good stories showing that for each awful stranger, there are thousands of awesome ones. It involves Bryanna, a woman who works at a drive-thru fast food business in Atlanta, who was the victim of a male client’s aggression.

One awful stranger

Another client, Feroza Syed, pulled up behind the man. She saw Bryanna handing him a large drink, which he threw right  back at her. Apparently, he did not ask for ice in his drink. He drove off and Feroza pulled up to the window. Shocked, she found Bryanna, six months pregnant, soaked and in tears.

One awesome stranger

Feroza Syed witnessed the incident with outrage, and she offered to call the police. Also, she gave Bryanna a $20 tip. Later that day, this awesome stranger told her thousands of followers and friends on Facebook about the incident. After a massive response, she asked people for donations, even if it is only $5. Essentially, she wanted to help Bryanna with the financial burden of having a new baby.

Dollar signs

Hundreds of awesome strangers

Donations poured in, and Syed called Bryanna’s employer and explained the situation. She asked a contact number for Bryanna. When the two women finally connected several days later, Syed asked Bryanna to come to her home for a big surprise.

When Bryanna arrived, Syed handed her an envelope showing that not all strangers are awful. Bryanna opened the envelope to find a card from all those awesome strangers who read about her on Facebook. Inside the envelope, she found $1,700 in donations.

Stranger gift envelope

Baby registry

Syed says most of the donations were between $5 and $20. Furthermore, she posted the mother-to-be’s Cash App handle for those who want to make direct donations. Additionally, Syed helped Bryanna set up a baby registry through Target’s online platform.

Although Bryanna feels blessed by Syed’s actions, Feroza maintains what she did was nothing special. Essentially, the lesson is that one person who does the right thing inspires many more to take action and do the proper thing. Being harmed or mistreated can make the victim lose trust in others, and it takes only one person to set that straight.

In conclusion, instead of remembering the awfulness of having the drink thrown into her face, thanks to Feroza Syed, Bryanna will remember the awesomeness that followed.

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