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How often are you able to get out and drink in the positive energy of nature? Not often enough? Why not bring it into your home? Nature plays an essential role in our health, happiness and longevity. Guess what — you can have the best of both worlds by bringing certain plants into your home along with the positive vibes they provide to benefit your entire family.

Abha Toppo, a proficient writer and editor from India, provided this list of plants that bring positive energy into your home. I will also share her explanations of how each plant can benefit the energy in your home.

Rosemary brings positive energy and inner peace

Positive energy rosemary

This fragrant plant purifies the air and promotes mental and physical health by keeping the air free of harmful toxins. The aroma of Rosemary enhances the mood in the home, improves memory, heals insomnia, fights anxiety and brings inner peace. Abha notes that your Rosemary plant is most beneficial in a room with a cool temperature and among bright colors.

Jasmine brings more than positive energy


I recently wrote about the magic healing powers of Jasmine’s exotic, intense and intoxicating scented blooms. Abha concurs and says Jasmine is much more than a houseplant with beautiful flowers. It attracts positive energy and nourishes relationships. Jasmine’s pleasant aroma soothes troubled minds and stimulates energy. A south-facing spot near a window is ideal if you want it to bring a positive aura into your home.

Who wouldn’t want positive energy from the Money Plant?

Positive energy Money Plant

You guessed it; the Money Plant’s contribution to positive energy is good luck and prosperity. Furthermore, it will alleviate the anxiety and stress of anyone in the home while also absorbing any synthetic chemicals emitted from furnishings.

Lucky Bamboo’s name says it all

Lucky Bamboo

Any corner in a room with low or gentle lighting is the ideal spot for the Lucky Bamboo. This low-maintenance plant brings luck in love and health. The Lucky Bamboo, regarded as a symbol of good fortune and wealth for centuries, must stand in fresh water, at least one inch deep.

Basil clears negative energy

Positive energy Basil

According to Abha, keeping a Basil plant indoors has a healing and spiritual effect. It absorbs carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and emits oxygen. Put it in a northeast or north spot in your home, and it will act as an antioxidant that dispels negative energy and invites positive energy.

Peace Lilies are not only beautiful

Peace Lily

Along with improving your home’s air quality, the energy-providing properties of Peace Lilies also reduce headache and asthma risks.

Lavender’s positive energy brings relaxation


Keep your Lavender plant in a spot where you can enjoy its aroma for the most benefits. The effect will bring relaxation and happiness.

Orchids for newlyweds

Positive Energy Orchid

Not only do Orchids bring positive energy into the home, but they are also known for powers associated with fertility and virility. Said to be ideal for newly married couples, Orchids are low-maintenance plants needing only light moisture. The pleasant fragrance can uplift the mood of anyone in the home.

The cleansing powers of sage

Sage Plant

Sage eliminates anger, fear and other negative emotions due to its extraordinary cleansing properties. Furthermore, it has numerous medicinal qualities, and it stimulates the flow of positive energy. Sage likes to live in a spot with low humidity.

Aloe Vera boasts amazing healing powers

positive energy Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera seems to have an endless list of positive properties. Along with its healing properties, Aloe Vera removes chemicals that pollute the atmosphere. Therefore, keeping it in your home will me will improve the air that you breathe.

You may not quite believe all this positive energy from plants talks, but you have nothing to lose. Put some of these plants in your home, and even if they don’t do what Abha Toppo says, you will have their beauty and fragrances to enjoy.

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