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This post is for all the moms out there who love to get together with their friends from time to time. The term, “Moms’ Night Out” has become so popular that it’s even made its way into Hollywood films. Life is busy. We love our families. It’s nice to have a break once in a while, though. Even when it’s just a few hours here or there, basking in the company of your BFFs rejuvenates the spirit and refreshes the soul! Pretty much all moms would agree that they don’t really care WHAT they do on a Moms’ Night Out. They just love being with their friends. After you read these fun ideas for themed Moms’ Nights, you and your mom buddies might want to participate!

Add a charcuterie contest to your fun ideas for Moms’ Night

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At a recent Moms’ Night Out, we had a good laugh when my best friend and I both walked in with charcuterie boards. (If you need to open a new tab to do a quick search to find out what that is, that’s perfectly fine! No judging here. LOL) We hadn’t talked ahead of time about what we were bringing. The funny part is that our other best friend is famous for her culinary skills while we are not. I mean, we are happy to cook and feed you if you visit, and it will taste good.

Our other friend, however, will delight you as you sit at her counter and watch her create a magnificent dining presentation that you will never forget! In short, a charcuterie board was a MAJOR accomplishment for us. The fact that we both showed up with one was hysterical. We laughed even more when another mom arrived and immediately assumed that our Super-Chef friend had made the charcuterie boards. When she was told that WE had made them, the look on her face (i.e. PURE DOUBT AND SURPRISE) was priceless!

Charcuterie boards are trending right now and you can find lots of fun ideas on Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube or Instagram for how to create one. A fun Moms’ Night theme would be to host a charcuterie contest. The only trick would be figuring out how to put the boards on display without anyone knowing whose is whose. Before you indulge in a flavorful finger-food evening, vote on which board you like best. You could even create categories, such as “most creative,” “most colorful,” “best snack choices,” etc.

Learn something new for Moms’ Night fun ideas by hosting an international culture night

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This would be a super easy theme to put together. Each mom would choose a country ahead of time. The idea would be to bring a food that is a native favorite of the country you’ve chosen. If you want to take it to the next level, you can dress up in clothing that has significance in your chosen country. You can also give a little presentation like kids might do at a geography fair. Throughout the evening, the host can play background music from all the countries. And, of course, each mom can share a copy of the recipe she used to create her international fare for the evening!

Life skills shared between friends

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You’ve no doubt noticed that each of the women in your circle of friends has unique talents, skills and gifts to share. Another great Moms’ Night theme would be to host a gathering where each mom shares/teaches a particular skill. This theme might be best carried out over a series of Moms’ Nights. Perhaps, each mom can take a turn hosting, and the host of the evening would be the one sharing the talent or skill. Presentations might include sewing lessons, baking, painting or even business talents, such as social media marketing skills, etc.

If you have at least five or more moms in your regular Moms’ Night Out group, you’ll have enjoyed numerous presentations over a period of several months and will hopefully have learned a few new things or improved your own skills in the process!

Moms’ Night memories photo album

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Friendship is a gift, especially when the relationships you forge have a positive impact on your life. Especially if you’ve had the same group of mom friends for many years, this theme would be a fun way to share the memories of Moms’ Nights past! Have everyone bring any and all photos of your group from past events. Spend the evening taking a stroll down memory lane. Then, choose a collection of photos to upload to a photo-album-creation site. Add captions and graphic art to the pages. Order enough copies so that each mom gets her own!

You’ll have fun looking at old photos and creating an album together. And, each of you will always have something to look back on in years to come to remember the cherished times you’ve shared!

Do you have more fun ideas for a themed Moms’ Night Out? Share them with us!

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