Get Jennifer Aniston’s Hot Body In Just 5 Minutes A Day

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Jennifer Aniston gets her hot bod by doing 5-minute-exercise blasts a day

At 46-years-old, Jennifer Aniston still boasts the dream body of a 20-something. And we want to know her secret.

With her trim and petite figure (she’s only 5ft 4in) and toned legs and arms, Jen’s body really is a thing of wonder. We know she eats healthily, but what other magic fitness tricks has she been doing to maintain her hot anti-ageing bod?

Well, we caught up with her new trainer, Kathy Kaehler, to find out exactly how she does it…

Jennifer Aniston in champagne nude dress at the 2015 Oscars Jennifer Aniston looking slinky and toned at the 2015 Oscars’Jen doesn’t do any exercise that she doesn’t love, and she makes sure what she does do fits into her busy lifestyle,’ Kathy told us. ‘As well as doing yoga, spinning and Pilates classes, she does a mixture of cardio and strength exercises which are the secret to that fab bod.’Kathy says those body blasts, which combine running with quick-fire toning workouts, are what has sculpted and shaped her age-less physique. And you can do them all at home…

Jennifer Aniston’s 5-Minute Body Blasts

Workout 1

– 1 minute of non-stop skipping

– 1 minute of tricep dips

‘Put the backs of your hands on the edge of a chair and scoot down towards the floor and lift yourself back up,’ says Kathy.

– 1 minute of tricep kickbacks

Stand on the resistant band, hold each end in your hand, bend forward and stretch the band behind you.

– 1 minute of push-ups against the wall

– 1 minute of push-ups on the floor

Workout 2

– 1 minute of star jumps

– 1 minute of squats

– 1 minute of commandos

‘Start on your stomach, keep your back flat, do a push up, then tuck one knee under, before returning to your original push up position. Then repeat over and knee tuck the other side,’ Kathy explains.

– 2 minutes of lunging (a minute on each leg)

Workout 3

– 1 minute of back raises

‘Lie face down on the floor with your hands by your ears. Raise your upper torso off the floor and squeeze your shoulder blades together.’

– 1 minute of stomach crunches

– 1 minute of oblique crunches

‘A sit-up where your elbow touches your opposite knee.’

– 1 minute of planking

– 2 minutes of side planking (a minute each side)

by Robyn Munson

Robyn Munson — Look Magazine, UK

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