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If you have been following my blogs so far, you know that I’m learning about what’s good for the body. And if you’ve been researching any info about this on your own, you probably found that one internet search leads to another, leads to another, leads to another… What started out as good intentions (trying to find out what’s good/bad for you) probably lead to countless never-ending rabbit holes of information. Worse, some of the information is conflicting or out of date so how do you know what to follow?

I won’t profess to know the answer. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own due diligence. Not all bodies or health statuses are equal. Just like conventional medicine, holistic medicine is not a “one size fits all”. You have to research, research, research–but take heart! You don’t have to get in your car and drive to the local library or biochemist’s office–you just have to hop onto the internet and be prepared to sift through good/bad info and what will–or won’t!– work for you.

I’d like to share with you the changes I made to our coffee and drinking water.

If you’re a die-hard coffee drinker, I regret to inform you that overall, drinking coffee is really bad for you. The more you drink in a day, the worse it is. It’s hard on your adrenals, not matter how much your taste buds love it. Normally, I don’t post products I haven’t tried, but I wanted to post this link to Amazon concerning coffee substitutes. The “Dandy Blend” is one that I know many former coffee-drinkers seem to love. If I can practice what I preach and start drinking teas or other coffee substitutes, I will let you know. For now, my new love is the Bulletproof Coffee. One go at watching this vid and I was sold! It takes some effort to make, but the ritual has become something that I love doing on my days off from work. As a side note, the creator of Bulletproof coffee, Dave Asprey, was a victim to mold growing up. Unfortunately, most coffee beans contain mold, but Asprey’s company tests for this so that we will not drink contaminated batches.

Water. We need it. You know this. You can survive much longer without food than you can without water. And yet most of the tap water available to us can lead to major health concerns over time. Think about how much you use it: cooking, drinking, bathing, showering… Remember the ‘due diligence’ I was talking about? Research how tap water can contain parasites and their eggs, chlorine, fluoride, lead, pesticides and other contaminants. Do you want to ingest all that or absorb it through your pores? Me neither. So after some major researching of water purifiers, we now use this Pur water filter. It’s affordable, does not take up much space, and really does a good job of filtering out the crap I don’t want in my body. I found mine, including the filters, at my local grocery store.

See? Not all lifestyle changes have to be expensive or scary 🙂 Let me know what you think about your new coffee and water filter.


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CJ Heath is a total health nut who does everything perfectly. Just kidding– you know better 😉  She’s just a Mama trying to figure out what will push herself and her family towards lifelong health. She hopes you’re on this journey, too. A votre sante! 

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