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In my previous blog, I told you what I’ve been doing to help cleanse my body externally. Homemade toothpaste, milk of magnesia as deodorant, and dry brushing are now a part of my daily living. Now let’s look at some of my current favorite links for healthy household products we can make to replace dangerous store-bought chemicals. Before you freak out, no, they are not hard to make. They may not work as swiftly and strongly as commercial products, but they are still effective and I feel so much better knowing that we’re not inhaling products that can damage our lungs.

Get ready to see a bunch of Wellness Mama links…she is amazing and a great teacher for those of us who are new to this.

For detergent, I love this recipe. I found that the wider the mouth of the jar, the better. I need to be able to stick my hand near the bottom when the detergent runs low. I have hubby help me by shaving the soap for me. The detergent smells amazing going in (I like to use Dr. Bronner’s Lavender scent). I can still smell the lavender when I pull the laundry out of the wash. Unfortunately, the smell completely disappears after it’s run through the dryer.

For dryer sheets, I have used this recipe. Again, I can’t smell the lavender after the clothes run through the dryer…and I still have static cling. I’m looking for the dryer sheet that will eliminate most/all of the static. For now, I’ll stick with the recipe I listed. Maybe I will try adding more sheets next time. I also use this in addition to my dryer sheets. It’s still not a perfect static cling remover, but I’m sure it helps to reduce it. Instead of using bleach to whiten clothes, I add this to my whites.

One of my favorite sites that I subscribe to is “Body unBurdened“. The citrus zest all-purpose cleaner is fun to make and effective. We love the smell, it makes A LOT (so make sure you have a huge glass bottle or two to use) and it’s so easy to use. I spray it on at bedtime and wipe it off the next morning. It cuts through the crud on my counters and I love it! Added bonus: it’s a decorative feature while it’s fermenting 🙂

If you want a quick glance at some things you can make today, look at these 6 recipes on Nadia’s Body unBurdened site.

Whether you change your cleaning supplies out cold-turkey, or ease into it, there are many alternatives to harsh, body/environment-damaging chemicals. Remember that these changes are healthier for your family and have less impact on the environment. Most importantly, have fun!!

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CJ Heath is finally getting a grip on going a little greener. She’s interested in knowing what YOU have found to be an effective natural cleaner. Let’s keep healing the World together <3




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