Government intervention is changing life in the US

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The Latin phrase “ultra vires” is literally translated as “beyond the power.” Many legal scholars who are well-versed in the U.S. Constitution use this phrase to describe the frequent actions of the federal government. One might argue that not all government intervention is bad, which we will touch on later in this post. However, the majority of the population would agree that the government has stuck its nose in many places it doesn’t belong. Its influence (and over-reach?) has altered the American way of life for private citizens and business owners alike.

Whether or not a specific incident or government action constitutes ultra vires is typically debatable. Some people might think certain actions are evidence that the government is overstepping its power. Others might think it’s okay. The U.S. Constitution is the legal document that restricts the powers of government. Therefore, most of the time (if not all) it is possible to definitively state whether government has reached “beyond its power.”

Government intervention regarding alcohol consumption

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As mentioned at the start of this post, there are times when the Fed intervenes in the lives of private citizens but nobody squawks about it. For instance, most people are okay with a federally mandated drinking age. In 1984, the federal government signed into law “The Federal Uniformed Drinking Age Act,” which all 50 states still abide by today. Do you think the government commits ultra vires when it federally mandates a drinking age?

What about education laws? Government intervention (via the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution) made it so that education is governed at the state level, not federal. This is a good thing, is it not? As you can see by these examples, government intervention isn’t always bad.

When it’s bad, it’s really bad

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Flash forward to 2020 when the federal government began telling private citizens that they couldn’t leave their homes. The Fed ordered businesses to shut down. In the following few years, government interventions created mandates requiring people to cover their faces in public. Such mandates prohibited people from doing certain things (like flying on an airplane or entering certain buildings) if they declined an experimental injection. Every mandate the federal government tried to impose during that time was unconstitutional—ultra vires to the max!

People cannot violate the Constitution, only the government can. Individuals have rights protected under the Constitution. Its purpose is to govern the government. It limits governmental power. No one can tell you that you cannot leave your home. It is unconstitutional to mandate an injection or other experimental procedure. Government intervention usurped the rights of business owners and private citizens by overstepping its power and creating false mandates.

Government leaders threatened Americans on public airwaves

Joe Biden informed Americans that the Fed was “losing its patience” with people who insisted on making their own health decisions. He warned that they would suffer repercussions. Others in government made similar statements. The U.S. Government is not allowed to threaten the safety and freedom of its people.

Sadly, there are inklings all around us hinting that a resurgence of fearmongering, threats, unconstitutional mandates and more ultra vires actions are on the rise—again. The question this time around is: Will you bow to tyranny, or will you stand your ground and protect, preserve and defend the freedom and liberties of the American people? Government intervention has already changed life in America. We can make sure it doesn’t ruin it for good. We are a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They work for us, not the other way around.

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