Governor Kristi Noem is a national hero

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Governor Kristi Noem, Mt Rushmore

A year ago, I had no idea who happened to be the governor of South Dakota. In fact, I’ll admit that beyond knowing its geographical location and historical significance as the site of Mt. Rushmore, I didn’t know much about this particular state. Today is the 1-year anniversary of the 14-day VOLUNTARY lockdown that we, the American people, gladly agreed to when we thought there was a deadly epidemic fast-spreading throughout our country and the world. In time, facts and information became available that show there was a lot more going on — a political agenda, which, sadly, is still in full force today. I only mention these issues here because it was that situation that prompted me to start learning more about our nation’s governors. In my personal opinion, my home state’s governor ranks in the top three for worst governors ever. When I first became aware of Governor Kristi Noem, however, I thought, “Hmmm, now THIS governor is unique. I want to learn more about her!”

Since then, I ‘ve become a major fan and supporter of Governor Kristi Noem. I believe her actions in the past year are courageous and heroic. Every time I have an opportunity to hear her speak, I grow more impressed — which says a lot because I’m not typically the type of person who is easily impressed by politicians and government officials. Governor Noem is definitely a special human being.

Governor Kristi Noem is no stranger to hardship

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Imagine being 22 years old and suddenly suffering a tragedy that crushes your heart into a million bits. Imagine further, if you will, that this tragedy would also thrust a burden beyond anything you could ever have imagined upon your shoulders. That’s basically what happened to Governor Kristi Noem when she was a vibrant young woman whose favorite person on the planet was her own dad. Governor Noem comes from a South Dakota farming family. March 10 is the anniversary date of her father’s tragic death in 1994. On that sorrowful day, Ron Arnold was killed in an accident on his family farm. His daughter, Kristi Arnold, was completely devastated, as was the rest of her family.

At age 22, Kristi Arnold had to step into her father’s shoes and become the acting general manager of the family business. As she tells the story, she had always wanted to be just like her father but felt totally overwhelmed and at a loss as to what she needed to do to keep her family’s business afloat in her dad’s absence. In fact, she says, the one person she felt would be able to guide and help her do the job was the one who was no longer there — her dad. As she did her best to run the farm, many issues arose that left her thinking, “If I could just ask Dad about this, he would know what to do.” Governor Noem says that God and her father gave her a great blessing in her darkest hour.

The unexpected gift that Governor Kristi Noem found in her dad’s truck

Looking back on that time of mourning and also wanting to do a good job as general manager that would make her father proud and save her family farm, Governor Noem says that she received an unexpected gift one day. On this particular day, she had gone out to her father’s truck to clear out his personal belongings. She smiled as she opened the console and found a Baby Ruth candy bar — his favorite. It was what she found after that, that forever-changed her life. There, in the console of her father’s truck, was a small tape recorder with a cassette still in it, plus another dozen or so tapes lying nearby.

Governor Kristi Noem tells what a surreal experience it was to hit the play button on that recorder and hear her father’s voice! As it turned out, Mr. Arnold had recorded himself speaking about various farm-related issues, such as soil types, decisions he was making about crops, cows, weather and more. One of the most significant topics Governor Noem heard on her dad’s cassettes was the one where he discussed what his family should do if they would ever face a serious financial crisis. As she listened to tape after tape, Farmer Arnold’s daughter realized that her dad had just answered ALL the questions she’d been longing to ask him! She says that this was a defining moment in her life and was actually what inspired her to get into politics.

When Governor Noem recently spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), she told the audience that she was filled with peace that day, knowing that God was telling her to persevere, and that He would be right by her side, and so would the guiding spirit of her father. She says her dad was a man of action and that inspired her to become a woman of action — a woman who can make a difference in her own state of South Dakota by being a person who is true to her word and not afraid to do the right thing.

Fast forward to the 2020 lockdowns

Governor Kristi Noem is now nearing age 50 and is married and has three children. She started making news headlines last year when other governors such as Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania and Andrew Cuomo in New York locked down their states and mandated that every person wear a mask when entering public space. (Wolf  even had the audacity to demand that Pennsylvanians wear masks INSIDE their own homes at one point!) While Wolf and Cuomo have been making headlines for manipulating data and likely causing the deaths of thousands of elderly people in nursing homes, Noem made headlines for other reasons.

Since Day 1 of this political charade, Governor Kristi Noem has not locked down a single business, school or church in South Dakota. When confronted on the issue, she has adamantly stated that the government has no right to decide whose businesses are essential and whose are not because EVERY business is essential to the business owner. (This is when I started becoming a major fan of Governor Kristi Noem!) Not only has she protected and defended the freedom of South Dakota business owners, she has carried her support over to private citizens, as well. There is no (and has never been) a mask mandate in South Dakota. Governor Noem says that every citizen has the right to make his or her own health decisions and the government has no business usurping those rights. (Can I get a big AMEN?!)

Dr. Anthony Fauci tried to intimidate Governor Kristi Noem

When word spread to federal government officials that Governor Noem was marching to the beat of her own drum (a drum that plays the song of American patriotism) officials started putting pressure on her. She said, at one point, people like Fauci were telling her she would regret her decision to keep South Dakota open for business.

Fauci and others said she could expect to have as many as 10,000 COVID-19 patients at a time in hospitals throughout the state. At CPAC, Governor Kristi Noem told the world that “numbers don’t lie” and also that “Dr. Fauci is wrong a lot of the time.” She said not only did South Dakota never have Fauci’s predicted 10,000-patient overload in its hospitals, on the state’s worst day during the so-called pandemic, they had a little more than 600.

Governor Kristi Noem has expressly conveyed her sympathy and condolence to those who have suffered the loss of family members due to illness during this time, as well as those who have themselves suffered illness.  Fauci and others have tried to label Governor Kristi Noem as irresponsible and a danger to the public, as you can see in this article that was published after her CPAC speech. The CPAC audience stood in ovation to honor Governor Noem and to show support of her decisions, which are based on science and the laws of her state and the U.S. Constitution.

Noem is a true supporter of women and protector of their rights

Governor Kristi Noem’s has once again ruffled the feathers of extreme leftists throughout the United States by recently announcing that she will sign a certain bill into law. Joe Biden signed an executive order allowing men who choose to live their lives as though they are women to compete in female athletic competitions. The science on the matter is irrefutable. Men have a physical advantage over women in sports. There are many reasons why it discriminates against women and is bad for our country to allow males to compete in female sports competitions. Governor Noem has stated that she is eager and proud to honor International Women’s Day by signing the bill to prohibit biological males from competing in female athletics.

Once again, Governor Kristi Noem has shown herself to be a woman of action who takes after her father. She is a woman of courage and a governor who has the best interests of her constituents in mind. Governor Noem is well-versed in her state’s Constitution and the U.S. Constitution and is willing to go against politically correct practices in order to protect and defend the freedom of all who dwell in this great country.

She is a woman of great beauty, faith, courage and integrity. I can only imagine what a beautiful transformation this hurting and failing country would undergo if even half of our states had governors like her. To boot — she’s a hunter! She says she loves the sport because it helps keep her grounded!. And, take a look at her killer arms! I’d love to know more about her personal fitness routine! If you happen to be from South Dakota, I hope you realize how blessed you are to have this woman governing your state. It is my fervent prayer that she will make a run for the senate (or beyond) in the years ahead!

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