H.R. 127: The latest attempt to undermine the Second Amendment

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H.R. 127: The latest attempt to undermine the second amendment - The Hot Mess Press

Leftists have been attacking the Second Amendment for years. They won’t use the word “confiscation.” But, they attempt to pass laws to make gun ownership extremely difficult. The founders understood the importance of the public having means to protect themselves when they wrote the Constitution. They had just been through a war where private citizens fought against tyranny and won. Here we are in 2021 dealing with a different kind of tyranny. While we don’t have a king who’s trying to take away basic rights, we’re fighting our own elected officials. A Democratic representative from Texas, Sheila Jackson Lee, has introduced H.R. 127. If you know anything about gun rights and legislation, you’re in for a shock when you read this proposal. This is the most radical anti-gun legislation proposed recently and possibly in the history of the US. The following is the exact text of the Second Amendment.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. 

Interpreting the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is actually quite simple and succinct. The founders likely left it this way purposely to prevent future leaders from misinterpreting their intentions. There’s not much room for interpretation there. Although some do argue that the use of militia means US military rather than private citizens. Logically this doesn’t make sense as the constitution was written solely to reiterate the inalienable rights belonging to private citizens. These rights can’t be taken by the government and are not designed to change with the times. Our founders were very intelligent men. They knew that firearms technology would advance over time. Yet they still made no exceptions in the Second Amendment based on the type of firearms citizens could own.

The Second Amendment benefits all citizens

There is a reason that the Second Amendment was included in the Constitution only after freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and press. The founders realized that citizens would easily fall to an overreaching federal government if they weren’t armed. Many people don’t like guns, don’t understand them, or are actually scared of them. Those people have the right to refrain from owning a firearm. But this fear and misunderstanding doesn’t negate the rights of other citizens. I encourage you to read up on countries where gun ownership is not allowed or is greatly restricted. Citizens of these countries do not have the same freedoms we enjoy here in America. Strict gun laws, or in this case gun confiscation disguised as legislation, are quickly followed by extreme government control in every aspect of life.

Don’t allow this administration to take away your rights

Efforts to undermine the Second Amendment are popular among many on the left. But taking away gun ownership rights only hurts law-abiding citizens. Strict gun laws have been shown over time that they simply do not work. H.R. 127 will do nothing to keep the American people safe. In fact, it greatly reduces our ability to protect ourselves and our families. If you believe in keeping your basic right to bear arms, now is the time to act. Contact your state representatives and share with everyone you know. Taking away our basic God-given rights, which are protected by the Constitution, is a slippery slope. Once the American people lose the ability to protect themselves, tyranny is close at hand. Whether you personally own guns or not, you should realize that once American citizens are unarmed, we will lose all the freedoms we take for granted.

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