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It’s that time of year again…when kids and adults alike get to enjoy one of the funnest holidays of the year. While the kiddos are enjoying trick-or-treating and you’re enjoying the company work party, keep these safety tips tucked in your back pocket to keep the holiday fun and safe.

Make sure their costume does not restrict their vision. Masks are fun…until you get hurt because you can’t see where you’re going.

It’s best to go trick-or-treating with your kiddos, but if you don’t go,  know what route they’re taking. Let them know they can’t deviate from the route or leave the neighborhood without informing you.

Make sure they’re armed with flashlights and glow sticks so they’re easy to see in the dark.

Remind them to stick to sidewalks and stay out of the street. People still drive home on Halloween night. When they need to cross, let them know they need to look both ways.

Only knock on the doors of the houses that have porch lights on–these are the fun, generous people who are handing out candy. It’s not always obvious to a kid, People–I remember knocking on numerous doors with no porch light on and then peeking into their windows when they wouldn’t answer the door! No, I was not a peeping-tom, I just wanted that darn candy and I wanted to know why they weren’t answering door! Anyway…no porch light = no candy. Them’s the rules.

Now to be a real Debbie Downer, you can check the local sex offender’s list. If there are any in your neighborhood, inform your kiddos that those home are to be avoided. Again, it’s best to go trick-or-treating with your kids. If you have teens in charge of young ‘uns, they should understand the rules and enforce them.

Finally, have an agreed time when the kiddos should be home. Curfew-breakers might lose their candy. I’m just sayin’…

Adults like to get in on the Halloween fun, too! This one’s easy, Folks…if you’re going to a party and you’re not the Designated Driver (DD), have a plan. Cabs are cheap and I’m sure we’ve got at least one friend or family member willing to drop everything to come and get us. Have this figured out before you go to your party. Better safe than sorry, right? Get your DD figured out then become an inebriated fool at the party if that’s your thing.

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, be safe at your party and have fun! And it’s okay to get sick on candy…just this once 😉


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CJ Heath is a lover of most Halloween candy, costumes, and general cheer. She is also militant about safety and wants YOU to be safe while you’re having fun. Peace!!




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