Harvest pine needles to fight spike protein emissions

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There are corrupt powers that be who control television media and other news outlets who have been censoring truth. It’s starting to get out, though. Millions of physicians, scientists, whistleblowers, medical patients and others are coming forward. They have evidence that several COVID-19 injections shed. As such, people who receive certain injections have been (mostly unknowingly) emitting harmful particles into the air. This can cause severe injuries to people around them. Exposure is especially dangerous for people who have not received the injections. The good news is that there is strong evidence that pine needles can provide an antidote to injuries and illnesses brought on by spike protein contagions.

This post does not focus on the injuries and illnesses people have suffered after being near someone who recently received COVID-19 spike protein injections. That information is available online if you would like to read more about it. Instead, this is a “good news” post, which will focus on what you can do with pine needles to help prevent the harmful effects of injection sheddings. (Note: You might notice that I refer to the shots as injections and not vaccines. That is because they are NOT vaccines. The manufacturers have publicly stated this.)

People have used pine needles medicinally for centuries

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Native Americans and other ancient peoples often used herbs, flowers and other naturally occurring substances to treat injuries and ailments. They might not have known that pine needles are rich sources of vitamin C and shikimic acid, but they knew that when they drank tea made from the needles of coniferous trees, it had various beneficial medicinal effects.

We’ve already been told how critical vitamin C is in preventing and overcoming COVID-19. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is one of the most important nutrients in existence. I would venture to say that you cannot have overall good health without it. Therefore, drinking tea made from pine needles fills your body with a vitamin that you need in order to have a strong immune system. And, we all know by now that having a strong immune system is the key to fighting COVID-19. More recent evidence shows that it is also beneficial in preventing the harmful effects of exposure to spike protein emissions from certain COVID-19 injections.

When you boil pine needles in water, the extractions of phytochemicals such as shikimic acid fill the water. You may have heard of Tamiflu, which one of the most widely used antiviral drugs in the world. It just so happens that a main ingredient in Tamiflu is shikimic acid. Shikimic acid has a super power. Guess what it is? It halts blood clots! It can also help defend the body against respiratory illnesses.

Strain your finished tea before drinking

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If you’re going to try boiling pine needles to make a tea, you’ll want to remember a couple of things. First, the tea is going to have a pungent taste, so you might want to add a little honey to sweeten it. Also, you’ll want to strain the tea to avoid getting pieces of pine needles in your mouth, which, of course, could get caught in your throat.

Most importantly, as with all remedies made from naturally occurring plants, you must be 100% certain that you are using substances that are safe to ingest. There are numerous types of pine needles, and some grow on trees, such as the yew tree, which is toxic to human health! Researchers say it is safe to use white pine needles and red pine needles to make tea. Pregnant women should avoid consuming pine needles, either in food form or as a tea. Many herbs, as well as pine needle tea, may have negative effects when interacting with prescription medications. In short, do your research and make sure you are using pine needles in a safe way.

One last thought: I have also read that fennel seeds contain shikimic acid, so this may be another option for those who want to fight against injuries and illnesses caused by certain COVID-19 injections shedding. I’ve written in the past about fennel oil as a wonderful natural remedy for tummy upset. It’s encouraging to know that God has filled the earth with helpful remedies that we can use when man, in his corruption, causes harm to human health.

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