Have You Tried This Natural Skin Care Regimen?

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My husband and I are in the midst of a bathroom remodel at our home. There is a lot of chaos and distraction as we try to get it done. He recently asked me in passing if I had given our 3-year-old daughter eye shadow to play with. Moments later I discovered both my daughter and 6-year-old son with both eyes covered in dark navy eye-shadow.

Not only was it dark navy eye-shadow, but it was apparently made to last and stay in its place. They had covered their eyes well, and I knew there would be much drama and screaming when I would try to clean up their eyes.

Thankfully, I remembered my own personal skin care regimen that I had been trialing. I have been using coconut oil for the last month to clean and moisturize my face. Over the last month, I had noticed that one of the things that I loved most about using coconut oil was how easily it removed my eye makeup without scrubbing or any harm to my eyes.

Both kiddos got a good lather of coconut oil around their eyes to remove the makeup. Within about 10 minutes I had both kids cleaned up without screaming or drama from either one.

Here is my regimen that I trialed after a recommendation by one of my favorite bloggers:

Apple cider vinegar: I first mixed some unfiltered apple cider vinegar with some water in a small container and left it in my bathroom. The solution mixture was approximately a one to one solution of the apple cider vinegar and water. I then use cotton swabs with the solution to clean my face.

Coconut oil: Next, I lather my face with a little bit of coconut oil. Yes, it is the oil you will find in the grocery store or in your pantry cabinet. I leave it in the bathroom and scoop about a nickel size amount and smooth it on my face. Any excess is used on my hands. If my face feels too oily after application, I wipe it down with a towel.

There are obvious advantages to a simple skin care regimen. It is easy to find and purchase. I do not have to make special trips to any specific store or purchase through any individual selling the products. It is budget friendly because for a few dollars, both items last a long time. Having used them for a month, I have not experienced any major break outs, and the skin on my face has not felt dry with the winter dry air.

The only disadvantage I have experienced so far is that after the apple cider application, there is sometimes a sour odor that lingers. The apple cider vinegar smell is not my husband’s favorite smell as we are trying to go to sleep, but my skin is looking good.



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