Help kids live normal lives in spite of leftists

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The past year has been beyond frustrating for millions of people in this country and throughout the world. It became evident long ago that the mainstream media and corrupt government officials, politicians and business moguls have joined forces to commit nefarious acts against civilization. Many parents are distressed because they don’t want their children growing up in a world where things like face masks and paying people to get experimental injections are normalized or encouraged. Such parents wonder how to help kids live truly normal lives. It’s easier said than done these days, but there are still things you can do.

One of the most important ways parents can help kids live normal lives is to make sure they know the truth. Of course, for this to be possible, parents themselves must know the truth. Sadly, great masses of people have been duped and brainwashed into thinking that there is a pandemic occurring as we speak.

These same people have been frightened into literally being afraid to leave their homes, talk to other humans or step outside without wearing one or two face masks. Great numbers of people have lined up for injections that are unapproved for safety and known to create high risk for severe adverse reactions, including death. While all of this is happening, Joe Biden and his cronies in the extreme leftist Democratic party (and many Republicans, as well) continue to spread lies and threaten the American people with unjust mandates and restrictions. It’s tough to live a normal life in a world gone mad, but keeping a few things in mind can help.

Spending time as a family can help kids live normal lives


Children today already face challenges by being born into a fast-paced, technologically-based world. The chaos and stress that the leftist-induced problems have caused are enough to cause mental strain to the healthiest adult, much less innocent children. Spending time as a family with your kids is the best gift you can give them. Read stories, cook yummy food, listen to music and dance, watch movies and play outdoors. Take naps, have sleepovers in the living room or backyard, look through old photographs and let your kids share their hopes and dreams. Most importantly, pray together. Pray for your family, for our country and for the world.

Resist tyranny to defend your rights and help kids live normal lives

You can help kids live normal lives by refusing to go along with the charade being forced upon America and the world. This can be tough, at times, because you might encounter a security guard who tries to force you into compliance or hear crude remarks from people who have been convinced that YOU are the problem because you refuse to bow to tyranny. In their mind, you don’t care about your fellow man and are selfish. They’ve been told that YOU are the reason so many people have died. None of it is true.

I’m not necessarily saying you should send your kids out into the world on their own and expect them to fight this battle. But, try to find places to go and things to do where they can be FREE. For instance, there’s a lake near my home area where NO ONE wears masks or even talks about current events. Every day, the water and beaches are filled with families who are picnicking, boating, fishing, swimming and having a great time. THAT is what kids need in order to feel like they’re living normal lives.

Let them have a school year that includes routine, structure and consistency

Sadly, the child suicide rate increased four-fold last year. (Let that sink in!) How can anyone expect children to thrive when they are sent to school for a week, then sent back home to learn online? When kids are being made to run track with face masks on, there is NOTHING normal about it! Children need routine and structure in their lives. They need to feel safe at school. It would be better not to send them back if you think your school district is going to disrupt their learning environment every other week again this year.

To help kids live normal lives, try to get a feel ahead of time for where your school board stands. If you think they have the guts to refuse to comply to unjust mandates and will let children enjoy a normal school year, then send your child off with a smile. On the other hand, if you suspect this year will be the same or worse than last, consider keeping your children home and learning about homeschooling. Remember that what parents were forced to do last year is nothing like homeschooling, which is a lifestyle. Even using an online public school system, such as K12 would be better than asking kids to navigate another unstable school year.

Spread good cheer and be joyful with your children

Kids take their cues from adults, especially their parents. If you’re walking around gloomy all the time, complaining about current events and feeling disgruntled, it will affect your kids. (Note to self.) Also, even if you do feel worried or afraid about the future, try not to burden your children more than necessary. Let them be kids. I’m not suggesting raising them to be naive, only to enable them and encourage them to live a joyful life. They’re children. Every child should be entitled to the innocence and happiness of childhood.

Laugh with your kids. Take a walk in the woods and appreciate the beauty of nature and experience one day at a time. If something comes across the news or happens in person that tends to drag your kids down, try to distance yourself from it. Make up your mind that you are going to help your kids live normal lives as much as possible, even if there are evil people who are trying to keep you from doing that.

It’s time to restore our country and defend our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Disregard the garbage politics, propaganda and agenda.

Just love your kids and live your lives the best you can.

Most of all, trust that God is with us and will help us through whatever lies ahead.

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