Here’s how to step up your waffle game

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My family considers me somewhat of an anomaly because I don’t like things that most people like. For instance, I’m not a “cake” person at all. There are a few types of cake (i.e. pound cake and cheese cake) that I enjoy on occasion but for the most part, if it ends in “cake,” I don’t like it. Yes, that includes birthday cake, cupcakes and pancakes. My kids simply can’t comprehend that a person like me exists who does not like pancakes. (Do I have a tribe out there? Raise your hand if you can relate!) Another thing that I don’t particularly care for that most people like is waffles. I know. I’m sorry. I just don’t. In this post, however, I’m going to share ideas on how to eat waffles in non-traditional ways. I have tried one of the three ways and liked it, so maybe there’s hope for me yet.

Here’s how to make waffles taste better with ice cream

The first waffle idea I’m going to share isn’t new to me. In fact, it’s an idea that comes from my childhood. My mother would warm waffles in a toaster, then place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in between them. It was a creative twist on the traditional ice cream sandwich, and we loved it! The warmness of the crispy-toasted waffles caused a slight melting of the ice cream. A merging of warm crispiness with cold, melting vanilla creaminess was delightful. So, if you’re looking for ideas on how to make waffles more interesting to eat, this is a good place to start. Toast them, and then turn them into ice cream sandwiches!

Country folk shout the delights of waffles with chicken and gravy

This next “how to” for stepping up your waffle game might be familiar to people who have grown up in rural areas. My reason for thinking this is that my kids have grown up in the country and most of their friends think it’s common to eat waffles with chicken and gravy on top. I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, and I never knew anyone who ate this or had even heard of it.

I learned about this country living custom after my kids had spent the night at a friend’s house. They were telling me about all the fun they’d had, and I happen to ask what they had for supper. Their faces lit up with delight as they exclaimed, “Chicken-and-gravy waffles!” My mind immediately began swirling with confusion because those items do not go together where I come from. lol “What?” I asked. “You mean you had chicken and gravy but also ate waffles?” “No!” they exclaimed. “We ate waffles with chopped up chicken and gravy on top! It was AMAZING!”

Again, my poor brain struggled to compute the information it had just received. “Wait,” I said. “You’re saying that your supper consisted of waffles on a plate with chicken and gravy on top of it. And, you’re saying that that tasted good?” “Yes! Mom! It was fabulous! Apparently, our family is the only one around here who has never heard of it. Everyone eats it! You have to try it! It’s delicious!” So, there you have a second idea on how to step up your waffle game. I haven’t been able to bring myself to try it yet, but I will. Promise. I will.

Apparently, waffle breakfast grilled cheese is a thing

My last idea on how to make creative recipes with waffles is a breakfast item. This actually sounds quite tasty to me, so I’ll definitely be trying it in the near future. All you do is add some whipped cream cheese, cottage cheese and a spoonful of powdered sugar in a bowl together. Mix well. You then spread your favorite jam onto a waffle. Next, you spread your mixture onto the waffle, on top of the jam. Cover with another waffle. Butter both sides of your “waffle sandwich” as you would a grilled cheese. Fry it in a pan, a little time on each side until you achieve the golden crispiness you prefer.

The recipes I saw for this waffle breakfast grilled cheese sandwich say to let it sit a few moments after cooking. This gives the waffles a chance to cool down so that you don’t burn yourself. It also lets the creamy, cheesy spread inside settle for a moment or two. After it cools a minute, you can sprinkle more powdered sugar and some cinnamon on top if you like! Suggestion: Valentine’s Day  is right around the corner. Consider cutting these breakfast sandwiches into heart shapes as a special treat for someone you love!

We want to hear your waffle ideas

I’m looking forward to surprising my kids with this new waffle idea because I know they will love it. I also think it will help me become more of a “waffle person” because it sounds like a yummy way to make waffles taste better. If you have some creative “how to” ideas to help us take waffles to the next level, we want to hear about them! You can leave a comment under this post on our Facebook page! If you make waffles from a batter instead of using already-made, consider making and freezing ahead of time to have on hand. You can do this with pancakes, too!


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