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Modern man has a fixation with extremes; have you noticed that? One of the greatest marketing schemes advertisers use is to make us think we’re getting more for less. Drive through your favorite fast food restaurant and you’ll see “extreme” choices. You can super-size this or mega-size that. Extreme speed, challenges and dares make for entertaining reality TV. If you love extremes and you also love lists, then the following “highest ever” list is a must-read for you today:

What is the highest ever body temperature?

The average human body temperature is 98.6 degrees (F). If you’ve ever been knocked down flat with a high fever, you know how uncomfortable it can be. The average licensed physician considers any body temperature over 104 degrees (F) dangerous. The term hyperpyrexia refers to fevers registering 104 degrees (F) or higher. Even if you have a fever of 101 degrees (F), however, you’d be feeling quite poorly. You’ll be astounded to learn that the Guinness Book of World Records lists the highest ever human body temperature at 115 degrees (F)! The poor guy who had it suffered heatstroke in 1980 and was in the hospital for more than 20 days. He survived!

We’re talkin’ triple-overtime here!

Avid NBA fans may recall a game between the Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets in 1983. This regular season game stands out as the highest ever scoring professional basketball game in history. Players must have been exhausted to go into triple-overtime! The ending score spread was a mere two points in favor of the Pistons at 186-184!

Sorry, Mariah Carey — dude’s got an octave over you

For many years, voice analysts credited singer Mariah Carey with the highest ever vocal note. Carey hit a G7 while performing the National Anthem. Take a look at the following video clip, though, to see a man named Adam Lopez knock her record off the charts! His note? Well, the highest note playable on a piano is C8 or high C. Lopez stunned judges and also a live audience when he sang a D#8, which is three semitones off the keyboard! He hit a note that is not playable on a piano! Check it out!

Lowest and Highest Sung Notes – Guinness World Record

Alaska, site of highest ever ocean wave

Recent years have shown just how catastrophic tsunamis can be. Imagine a 20-foot wall of water  towering over a boat. This would be a monster of a wave that could do tremendous damage, as in, millions of dollars worth of damage if it shore. Try to fathom, if you will, that a tsunami in Alaska in 1958, produced a single wave that reached 100 feet! It was the highest ever wave recorded in history. When this behemoth crashed ashore, it then traveled uphill, wiping out more than 1,700 trees in its path.

Human kangaroo rat?

One of the highest jumping animals in the world is a kangaroo rat. (Click that link so you can get your “adorable” fix in for the day.) I can just picture God creating animals. He might have said, “Now, I think I will make a tiny, furry, fluffy, adorable little rodent that can jump 28 times its body length!” Voila! Kangaroo rat! But — there’s a human in Canada who is just as amazing because he did something in 2016 that no human had ever done before. Like a human kangaroo rat, he now holds the record for highest ever standstill jump at 5.3 feet! Okay, just pause right here for a minute to try to comprehend that. It’s more than 1.6 meters into the air from a standstill! DUDE!

Next up, a lowest ever list

While you’re busy being astounded and thinking about this highest ever list of accomplishments and interesting facts, I’ll be researching a new list for your enjoyment. Stay tuned for an upcoming Hot Mess Press post on some fabulous “lowest ever” records! In the meantime, however, here’s a list of celebrities who have hidden talents that I also think you’ll enjoy!


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