Holiday Fashion Made Easy

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This time of year often means gathering people together. Maybe you and your spouse/partner are fortunate to have several holiday parties to attend, or maybe there’s just going to be a family get-together. That might mean several different outfits to figure out, or just one, stellar, “wow” ensemble that you can wear multiple places. But budgets are already tight during this season, between gift-giving, travel, and meals. If you don’t want to spend extra money you don’t have, I can give you some tips on dressing for holiday parties that will make you look a bit more festive! If you want to go out and get something new (or new-to-you), then by all means, do so and use these tips as a buying guide. This is holiday fashion made easy, whether you’re shopping in a department store or in your own closet.

Sparkly/shiny fabric or jewelry

Who says New Year’s gets all the fun, sparkly outfits? Grab last year’s NYE ensemble and put it on for a holiday party. If you don’t own anything like that, try some sparkly jewelry. Wear it with something black which will especially call attention to the gems – this is why diamond sellers ALWAYS put diamonds on black velvet in advertising. It makes them pop!

Anything lace

Something about lace fabric invokes the holiday season, especially darker tones (we’ll expand on color later.) But don’t count your lacy summer dress out just yet! Consider pairing a lace dress with dark tights and a cardigan. Even a summery color can look lovely in the winter time when paired with complimenting, dark accessories.

Jewel tones

While red, green, gold, and silver are great color choices for holiday garb, consider jewel tones. Think sapphire, garnet, emerald, amethyst, etc. They look luxurious even if the item you’re wearing didn’t cost a lot of money. Add a black scarf over that jewel-toned blouse and you’ll be ready to wow your office mates!

Fun printed leggings

Is the party you’ll be attending less serious and more fun? What about some Christmas-themed printed leggings? They’re everywhere right now, in a range of prices. Walmart has a ton in silly, cute patterns. I bought a pair and they are comfortable and cute. I can’t wait to wear them around my family, where they’ll be a definite conversation piece!

Velvet fabric

Have you still got that velvet dress from fall? Pull it out and pair it with black boots and a bright necklace and you’ll be ready to slay (sleigh?) your next holiday party! Any thicker fabric is a good choice for a holiday ensemble, but velvet especially looks a bit fancier. It’s got the added bonus that it will keep you warm when your Uncle Bob INSISTS that the heat should be set at “Winterfell”.

If you’re the type of person who worries about being too flashy with your clothes, trust me – the winter holiday party season is the place to get away with bold clothing choices. You can mix and match a few of these suggestions to find a perfect winter party outfit. You’ll look put together and everyone will marvel at how you made holiday fashion look so easy!

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