Home decor: Mistakes you want to avoid!

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I greatly admire creative people. Several of my daughters have this gift and they astound me with their talents. For me, the struggle is real, as in, like, I have zero creativity in my blood. If I see something clever, whimsical or beautiful, I can use another person’s creative idea to spark a copy. Whatever that X factor is in someone’s brain, though, that enables them to “create” — yeah, I don’t have that. That’s why home decor has always been a tremendous challenge to me. I also have weird tendencies. I’m one of those — no, wait, correct that — I used to be one of those people who needs everything even. You know, candle sconce, painting, candle sconce.

I would look at photos of those country bedrooms with a huge, four-poster bed catty-corner in a room. While I would love the look, I just couldn’t carry it off in my life. I must say, I’m getting much better although my ideas are still never really my own. I just mimic other people’s creative work. If you’re like me and you want to avoid some common home decor mistakes, keep reading!

Avoid trends like the plague

Home decor gurus typically agree that opting to go trendy when designing your home is a big no-no. The reason is that trends are temporary. Sure, you might love a big ol’ 1950s style black and white checked floor when it’s trending. What happens when it’s no longer a hot topic? Trends sizzle out as quickly as they arise. Be cautious. Make sure you really really love the trendy thing you’re about to do before you do it. Will you still love it when it’s no longer a popular design?

It’s fun to redo a room, install a new floor, add black splash to a kitchen wall, or display artwork or items around your home. If you want to avoid the trend mistake, opt for styles and objects that are timeless. Choose things that have been around for a century or more! Some things are always in style, such as stone, terracotta or wood. Especially if you’ll be spending money on something, make sure you will love it for a long time.

Your home decor should reflect who you are

The way we decorate our homes is an outward expression of our inward selves. Let your neighbor be your neighbor. You be you. A big mistake people often make is that they try to adapt someone else’s style. The trouble is they wind up feeling uncomfortable in their own home. It’s okay to garner ideas from people whose styles you admire. Just remember to adapt a chosen design to fit your unique personality and lifestyle.

Avoid this outdoor home decor disaster!

This past summer, I would often drive by a home where the owners had created an outdoor fire circle/sitting area. It was lovely. In fact, I may have even felt a bit envious, like my own rustic outdoor fire pit with benches was no longer good enough. A few weeks into the summer season, however, I noticed enormous weeds and wild grass growing up through the pebbled stones surrounding the neighbor’s fire circle. The furniture was toppled, too, which is not surprising because it’s often quite windy where I live.

This is a common outdoor home decor designing mistake. If you want to create a special outdoor space, keep it low maintenance! Especially if you plan on entertaining friends in this space, low maintenance is the goal. It’s one thing to say, “It’s a lovely day (or evening) out. Let’s have some people over.” Will you really enjoy it, though, if you have to spend two hours pulling weeds, chasing down blown over furniture or scrubbing greenish fuzz off all the chairs and tables? Choose products wisely so they weather well outdoors. Beautify in simple ways. The goal is to create a cozy, welcoming space, not to create more work for yourself.

A word about curtains and other home decor

If you want to learn more about how to avoid some of the most common home designing mistakes, click here. Full disclosure: Curtains cause me major anxiety. That’s why I have none on half my windows. Yes, you read that right: None. I have them in my bedroom and my husband just threw up a set from a dollar store in our TV room to keep out the blinding light that would shine through the window while we try to watch movies. In our main living areas and dining room, however, I have none. I know. It’s pitiful. I justify it by telling myself I live in the woods and don’t need curtains. Also, I tell myself that I’m being super creative by leaving the windows bare so the scenery outdoors provides a constant glimpse of beauty in nature.

Are you a curtain guru? If you are, would you bestow your wisdom upon me by leaving some helpful tips in the comments? Have you had a home decor disaster you wouldn’t mind telling us about? Do you have advice on how to avoid designing mistakes? We want to hear from you!

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