Home interior: Are your paint colors trending?

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Have you painted or will you be painting one or more rooms in your house this year? Painting is undoubtedly one of the most common types of home interior projects.  How often do you paint your walls? I love the way a fresh coat of paint looks, although I can’t say I love the prep work involved in painting. All the taping, cutting in, covering floors, moving furniture — not my idea of a good time. BUT — I really lucked out when four of my daughters who still live at home became teenagers and just so happen to love to paint! They’re amazing! I have watched them prep and paint a room to perfection in less time than it would take a professional crew to do the same project. Thus, whenever I hear, “Hey, Mum, is it okay if we pain our room?” I gladly say, “Yes!”

I always have a tough time choosing paint colors. Whatever that gene is that gives people a creative advantage to be able to look at a home interior space and come up with the perfect color scheme, I don’t have it. Do you tend to use monochromatic themes on your walls, or are you an “accent wall” type of person? Do you prefer neutral tones, pastels or vibrant colors? Maybe you’re one of those very daring people who mixes their own paint to create unique, one-of-a-kind shades! If you have expertise in this area and would like to share some of your best home interior painting tips with us, feel free to do so in the comments under this post on our Hot Mess Press Facebook Page. Painting is typically only one aspect of updating or remodeling a house. This article shares some cool apps that can help you design like pro! In the meantime, let’s talk “trending” paint colors, shall we?

Organic colors top the 2020 home interior list

home interior, hand using roller to paint wall gray

I don’t know about you, but I had to stop and think about what an “organic” color might be. According to the popular paint color articles I read online at Better Homes and Garden, it seems that the term “organic colors” and “earth tones” are synonymous. In recent years, home interior trends were all about neutrality. This year, however, it appears more and more people have had enough “plain old Jane” and are longing for COLOR. Warm earthy (organic) tones are trending right now, including olive greens, grays, mushrooms, warm browns and various shades of blue.

Blue, in fact, is said to be the most calming of all colors. This year’s home interior paint pallet often features variations of “moody” blues. Think: Midnight skies or stormy seas and matted hues of slate blue. Most of these organic or earth paint colors are matted rather than glossed.

Can paint colors affect your overall state of mind and well-being?

chair, shelves, desk and blue accent wall

The experts say, “Yes.” This year has had no shortage of chaos, confusion, craziness and stress. The paint experts say home owners are craving calmness, normalcy, routine, and peace of mind. The colors you put on your walls may have a significant impact on your mood and state of mind. As mentioned earlier, if “calm” is the feeling you’re going for you’ll want to check out the samples that are blue. Also, keep in mind that backdrops and accent walls can help you create a particular feeling in a specific amount of space. You don’t have put a single color EVERYWHERE. Think of how you want a certain room or space to make you feel and go from there to choose your colors.

Painting cabinetry is also a trending home interior project

home interior, man in white tee shirt standing near girl sitting on countertop, green cabinets

A great way to spruce of a kitchen or other room with shelves or cupboards is to paint the cabinetry. This year’s most popular cabinet shades are warm, muted tones, as well as pastel colors. If you’ve ever replaced your cabinets and countertops, you know how expensive it can be! Consider painting what you already have to save money while giving a room a fresh new look and feel.

Consider lighting when choosing paint colors

kitchen with sunlight shining through window, vase of sunflowers on table

If you’re painting a room that gets a lot of natural sunlight, you might want to tone down your paint colors. On the contrary, if your goal is to brighten a room that tends to be dark, it’s best to choose lighter shades of color. In addition to light versus dark, cool versus warm or neutral are also factors to consider when attempting to balance the amount of light in a specific room.

Use caution with trending home interior colors

yellow, gray and patterned accent pillows on sofa near coffee table

You might love a trending color scheme, pattern or design, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want it on your walls for the next five or more years. When leaning toward a trend, make sure you’ll be loving it over the long haul, or be prepared and willing to have to paint again when the trend dies out or you grow tired of it. And, don’t forget to consider other issues when choosing paint colors, such as carpeting, furniture, accents like pillows and blankets and more.

Do you love to paint or hate it? Do you hire someone else to paint for you? How often do you change the paint color on your walls? Leave a comment and tell us about your paint habits!

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