Home school help: Does pride keep you from asking?

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I’m coming out of the starting gate of this post with some tough love. You can’t do it all. If you’re Googling phrases such as “home school help,” then, the first thing you’ll want to remember is that you can’t do it all. False perceptions, misguided information and the deadly sin of pride might make you think you can, but trust me, you can’t. If you keep trying, you might wind up in worse emotional, mental, physical and spiritual condition than you were to start.

Okay, tough love session over. Time for the good news! You yourself hold the key to the best home school help you could ever get. The key is to overcome your pride, then humbly and simply, ask for help! It’s true that it’s often easier said than done; however, it is possible! You might be glad to learn that asking for help not only benefits you but your whole family as well.

It’s a win-win situation to ask for home school help

Like all good parents, you strive to attain the virtue of humility as you carry out the myriad duties and tasks of an average homeschooling day. Pride gets in the way. By asking for home school help, you can better care for your home, children, spouse (if you have one) and self. Help allows you to accomplish your goals and also brings blessing and reward to your helper. God will not fail to recognize a helper’s spiritual generosity. By accepting help, you are, in turn, helping your helper to live a blessed life.

Who is the right helper for the job?

The home school help you need might not be exactly the same as the help a fellow homeschooling parent needs. Your state in life, family dynamic, health conditions in the household, finances and many other factors can prompt one type of need or another. Decide where you need the most help, then seek out those who are best-suited to assist you.

Home school help may preserve your sanity

As a homeschooling mother of nearly 20 years, I can attest to a plethora of benefits and blessings of a homeschooling lifestyle. I can also relate to parents who might be feeling completely overwhelmed and at wit’s end in their journeys. Homeschooling is a wonderful option but it’s also highly challenging. Remember, a bad day (or week or month or year) does not mean you’re a bad parent or teacher.  Sometimes, a little bit of help can be a real game-changer.

Can’t find time to clean?

Your friends can be valuable sources of home school help, even if they do not home school. Hey! What mom who works outside the home do you know that wouldn’t welcome a break from her busy schedule? Exchanging cleaning help and child care is a great way to support each other. You can tackle some cleaning projects together or trade off. Perhaps, you can provide babysitting for one another so much needed cleaning, laundry and more can get done at home.

Floundering under a mountain of ungraded papers?

Your spouse, another family member or friend can provide much needed home school help when you fall behind in grading papers. Especially, if you have several Littles, having someone look after them might be key to catching up on paperwork. You might also find time to work on lesson plans or gather supplies for an upcoming project or craft. Then again, maybe you just want to take a shower or paint your nails!

College students need money

One way asking for home school help can benefit another person is to hire a college student as a parent-helper. Students home on break or commuting to community colleges are often looking for ways to earn money for tuition. You can ask a willing college helper to watch over your younger kids while you focus on lessons with your older children. A college student can also help weed a garden, paint a room, wash windows, cars, floors, etc. Every little bit helps on both sides of this equation!

New baby in the house?

Home school help is often most needed as you welcome a baby into your family. It’s a great blessing to be able to be home with your newborn but it definitely throws a typical homeschooling routine off-track. Asking for help doesn’t mean you have failed. In fact, it means the opposite: that you are succeeding because you recognize and acknowledge your own limitations and have the humility and courage to reach out for support!

Learn to go with the flow

Family size, your own personality, children’s learning needs, a marital relationship, parent/child relationships and faith life can prompt limitations. Other issues, as well, many of which can unexpectedly or abruptly change, have a significant impact on your homeschooling journey. Accept the fact that there will be a constant ebb and flow of circumstances. Sometimes, changes can occur by the hour!

Set pride aside and be willing to ask for home school help when you need it. It can mean the difference between a healthy, joyful family life and feeling like the world is crumbling underneath your feet. No one is perfect. You’ll continue to have good days and bad days. If you accept help when you need it, however, you might find it a lot easier to overcome the obstacles. And, don’t forget to pay it forward! Be willing and ready to provide help to others when the shoe is on the other foot.

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