Homeschooling gains popularity as CRT and other harmful ideas are being taught in public schools

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Homeschooling gains popularity as CRT and other harmful ideas are being taught in public schools - The Hot Mess Press

Homeschooling can seem like a weird idea. I get it. When we first considered homeschooling, I thought it wasn’t feasible. It’s a lot of work to take on the responsibility of teaching your children at home. But, there are so many benefits of homeschooling. Now, as Critical Race Theory and other radical ideas are being taught in our public schools, homeschooling is getting even more popular. Homeschooling means that you get to teach your kids true history without radical propaganda. It allows you to be the main influence in their lives and provides opportunities to actually teach them the joy of learning, rather than focus on fact memorization for passing standardized tests.

Getting started with homeschooling

The first year of homeschooling can seem overwhelming. But, the great thing is that if offers flexibility. You have the ability to change and adapt as you learn what works best. While many people think homeschoolers can’t teach because they aren’t certified, this just isn’t true. No one knows your kids better than you. Teaching your kids at home is not like teaching a full classroom in a school setting. It gives you more one-on-one time to teach challenging subjects and provides you with the freedom to teach the values and subjects that you think are important. The first step to homeschooling is to know the laws and regulations in your state. Once you understand the rules, you can choose a curriculum that works for your kids and meets the state standards.

Freedom and flexibility

Homeschooling gives you so much flexibility when it comes to your children’s education. Plus, you have the freedom to find a curriculum and teaching style that works best for your kids. You can do an online curriculum, traditional textbooks, or a combination of both. Plus, you can arrange your school schedule, take days off when you want, and you can even learn while you travel. Many people worry about socialization issues with homeschooling. But the truth is, homeschooled kids have plenty of opportunities to socialize through sports, group activities, and outside learning experiences. Oftentimes, homeschooled children are better socialized than public schooled children because they are able to regularly interact with people of all ages, not just peers in their same age group.

Taking control of your children’s education can be intimidating at first. But as the parent, you know best. You can adapt your schedule and curriculum to help your child learn the values that are important to your family. Public schools are becoming more radicalized. They are teaching Critical Race Theory and other potentially harmful content to your children. Many schools are still requiring children to wear masks all day, which is detrimental to their health. And one of the most alarming things to come could be mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for children. If you decide to start homeschooling, there are plenty of online resources to get your started.

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