Homeschooling: Which Style Best Fits Your Needs? Part 2

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When the 2019/2020 school year begins, many of you will likely be making some changes. Perhaps you or your spouse got a new job and had to relocate over summer. Your kids will be going to a new school. If you’re among hundreds, if not thousands of parents, who will be trying homeschooling for the first time, you might find this post helpful as you explore your options and create a plan. In “Homeschooling: Which Style Best Fits Your Needs? Part 1,” we provided a basic overview of the most common styles of homeschooling.

This post is a follow-up and also lists a few more types of learn-at-home styles. It also contains other practical information to help you get started in a homeschooling lifestyle. Something to keep in mind as you navigate new waters is that you are never alone in your struggle. No matter what challenge you might encounter, chances are someone else has experienced something similar. In fact, chances are someone has already overcome a problem like yours, which means you can tap into resources to help you find solutions, too.

Homeschooling through online public school

Some parents want to maintain a similar style or structure to the public school system when they homeschool. This might be of particular interest to you if your kids have already been in public schools for quite some time. It can help make the transition easier. Public school at home means your children would be taking online classes. This type of homeschooling is generally easy on finances because the state provides all your supplies and equipment.

Public school at home involves accredited, K-12 online learning programs. It also provides a personalized education experience through digital means. In essence, wherever you have internet connection, you can ‘do school.’ Not only will the state provide your textbooks, it will deliver a computer to your doorstep, if needed. Your children will also have access to elective classes and clubs through their online public school at home.

What is school in a box style homeschooling?

School in a box may be the best choice for your first homeschooling attempt. It definitely alleviates a lot of leg work on the part of a parent. Your entire curriculum is delivered to your home in a box. Your kit might contain materials for a semester or for the entire school year. You still have purchase your personal homeschooling supplies, such as paper, pencils, crayons and other typical school items.

As for homeschooling plans, someone else has done all the thinking on your behalf with a school in a box. It’s often a good first choice for new homeschooling families when parents aren’t quite confident enough yet to design their own lesson plans.

Homeschooling resources you’ll want to keep in mind

As time goes on, you may feel less of a need to use a boxed curriculum. In fact, you might wind up loving a more eclectic style of learning. The beauty of homeschooling is that you’re free to change styles at any time. You truly can customize the learning experience to help each of your children reach his or her full potential.

The homeschooling product industry is a multi-billion dollar marketplace. Not only are your resources and choices not limited, you basically have the entire world at your fingertips to help you build the homeschool style that best fits your family’s needs and goals. You can use your local library, co-op groups, book stores and the internet at any time. You might have a question or need information. Maybe you are looking for new experiences or need standardized tests. No matter what the issue, question or problem is, there are homeschooling resources nearby to help you achieve your goals.

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