How does $55 sound for bottled water?

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If I asked how much you typically pay for a bottle of water, your answer would likely be “about $2.” If we were talking about the average plastic bottles of water you buy at the gas station, you would be in the ballpark. How would you feel about paying $55 per bottle? Or, you can buy that same bottled water in different size bottles ranging from $25 to $75. I’m not pulling your leg! If you like to impress your family, friends and colleagues, I’ll point you in the right direction.

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Is bottled water just plain old tap water?

Worldwide, people consume 41 billion gallons of bottled water each year. Some choose it for convenience, others consider it safer, and then some say it tastes better than tap water. Does anybody actually know how many bottled water providers use natural spring or purified water? Apparently, that is what their labels say, but who knows. Over recent years, several companies came forward. They confessed to using tap water to fill their bottles.  However,  the labels still say purified or natural spring water.

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Environmental concern over bottled water

In a 2007 statement, Pepsi revealed that their Aquafina water was nowhere near a natural spring. It came straight from a tap that provides public water. However, according to the Environmental Working Group, their labels still promise water sourced at natural springs. Subsequently, studies determined that tap water is as safe as bottled water. National Geographic News reported concern about the resulting environmental effects. The cost of plastic bottle manufacturing and other production processes involved in bottling public or tap water, labeling, packaging and shipping it to stores or warehouses are alarming.

Display Bottled Water Bling H20

Let’s get back to the $55 water

Kevin Boyd, a Hollywood writer and producer, sells a luxurious bottle of water at $55, depending on the size. If you see it, you might think it is a bargain. The water, sold as Bling H20, comes in frosted limited-edition glasses decorated with Swarovski crystals. The manufacturer says the water goes through nine purification steps, which include microfiltration, ultraviolet and ozone. So, expect it to taste significantly better than your water bought at the gas station.

The blind bottled water taste test

During a blind taste test in New York City where Bling H20, Manhattan tap water and regular plastic bottles of water were tasted, reactions varied. Most tasters chose Manhattan tap water as the best-tasting product. Many of the blindfolded tasters believed the Luxury Bling H20 was the tap water. You can see the delightful taste test video here.

If you go to the Bling H20 website, you’d be surprised to see that even the website says it is more about image than taste. The company gifted athletes and actors like Ben Stiller and Jamie Foxx bottles of Swarovsky blinged water. They can refill them and show off their sparkly, expensive bottles. Reportedly, Paris Hilton’s dog drinks nothing else after tasting Bling H20.

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Those who like to flaunt possessions to impress others might find comfort in knowing they can get away with buying no more than one single bottle. Most importantly, after sipping and savoring the taste of nine times purified water, they can fill it with tap water, and no one will be the wiser.

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