How to Beat Fatigue by Doing Nothing

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If you run into someone you know in a parking lot, you likely wave and ask how he or she doing. Chances are, some part of the answer will include the phrase “so busy.” Busyness is tough to escape in modern life. If you’re feeling fatigued, it might have something to do with how busy you are. Would you laugh if you were to ask me how to beat fatigue and I would reply, “by doing nothing” ?

In fact, I’m here to tell you that doing nothing is one of the best things you can do. Of course, you don’t want it to be a permanent lifestyle. However, if you take one day to do nothing, you’ll be doing something — you’ll be allowing yourself to take a break. There’s absolutely no reason every individual on the planet shouldn’t be afforded a single day to do nothing.

Why doing nothing is how to beat fatigue

Think of your typical day. If you’re a parent, it might involve changing a ba-jillion diapers or walking a dog. You might also get in and out of your car three or more times to drive various people to various places. Let’s not forget the paid job you probably have, as well as the umpteen issues you’ll take care of around the house. Learn this, here and now: Nothing is so important or critical in life that you can’t set it aside for one day.

You may have already started to argue with me in your brain when you read that. It’s merely proof that you are a perfect candidate for learning how to beat fatigue by doing nothing. Some people have particularly demanding obligations, such as caring for someone who is terminally ill. If you’re in that category, you still deserve a do-nothing day. In fact, you probably need it more than the rest of us!

What a day of nothing looks like

Imagine awakening whenever you happen to open your eyes. It might be before sunrise or it might be after noon. If you feel like it, you stay in bed all day. (Don’t forget to hydrate!) Perhaps you’d enjoy a long, hot bath with no one knocking on the door. Maybe you’d like to take a long walk. If you prepare food a day ahead, you’ll have meals taken care of. Then again, why not order pizza delivery?

How to beat fatigue by doing nothing is simply allowing yourself one day without any scheduled event. It is to let yourself enjoy 24 hours with no obligations. Perhaps you’d like some company when you’re doing nothing. You can invite your spouse, a child or a friend along for the ride. If you want to be alone, well, that’s fine, too. You and God probably have a lot of catching up to do, anyway.

Choose a day and write it on your calendar

You manage to juggle so many different tasks for so many different people on a regular basis. The world will not end if you schedule a day for “how to beat fatigue by doing nothing” on your calendar. The only rule is that, under no circumstances (barring an emergency situation) are you to cancel your plans.

One day — doing nothing. My bet is that if you do this, you’ll feel so refreshed and energized, you’ll be more than ready to return to that busy schedule of yours; that is, until you’re ready for another “do nothing” day.

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