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How to deal with inflation - The Hot Mess Press

Inflation is not a new thing. It happens every year, but at a much lower rate. The rate of inflation we see now, which seems to be significantly higher than our government overlords claim, is not normal. And it’s not ok. People are being forced to choose between buying enough food for the week and putting gas into their cars so they can get to work. This is not the America I know. And this is not happening by chance. Printing extra money is part of the problem, not a solution. Our elected officials are put into office to deal with issues that negatively impact the American people. There are ways they could help, but they’d rather spend taxpayers’ money on other things. Since our government is completely unreliable, it’s obvious that we are own our own. The good news is, that there are some ways to deal with inflation.

Cut back on non-necessities

Entertainment helps us relax and unwind, but streaming services and online gaming subscriptions can get expensive. There are other more affordable ways to keep the family entertained. Your local library may have games and DVDs you can check out for free. There are also some free streaming services that may not offer the latest movies, but can likely keep the kids entertained. Any money saved on non-necessities can be put towards filling up your gas tank or buying groceries. It’s not fun, but hard times call for sacrifices.

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Buy it when you can

Food and supply shortages are nothing new. Remember the toilet paper debacle of 2020? Shortages can come from bad harvests, supply chain issues, and a shortage of workers to produce and transport the products. When you have all these issues at once, like now, shortages are much more noticeable. At this point, inflation is likely to continue at a high rate for a while. I’m no economist, but I can see what’s happening. It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better which is why you need to buy what you need and want when you see it. As prices rise each week, your grocery bill will continue to get higher.

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Find alternative food sources

Growing your own food is a great option if you have space. Even a small container garden can provide you with some tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. But when you find yourself struggling to afford some of the basics, look for other resources. Discount grocery stores can have some great deals. Just be sure to check for expiration dates and damage to the package so you know what you’re buying. And for anyone who is struggling with food insecurity, be aware of local groups. Churches, community centers, and other organizations are available to help. They may offer weekly or monthly food boxes and you can find some great recipes online to stretch the food you have.

Times are tough right now and many people are struggling. Gas is extremely expensive and grocery prices continue to go up every week. To deal with inflation, consider what non-necessities you can eliminate from your expenses. Use your grocery budget to shop wisely and buy what you can when you find it because next week it may be much higher or not available at all. Look beyond the traditional grocery store to help put food on the table for your family. It’s obvious that the US government is not interested in helping the average American citizen. So it’s time we take care of our families as best we can without depending on our elected officials.

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