How to Survive Fall Football Season If You Do Not Love It

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It is that time of year again. Posts are flooding my social media accounts for all things fall and football. Although I was raised by a father who had a passion for the University of Georgia football and spent most fall Saturdays watching the games, I did not grow up with the same passion. I do not hate football, but I do not love it either. I am still unsure of all the rules, positions and lingo.

If I thought my father was a big fan of football, I would venture to guess that my husband is a bigger fan. He grew up watching and loving The Ohio State Buckeyes and our fall Saturdays revolve around their football schedule.

Although I do not love it, my husband and I have learned over the years how to survive football season without too many fights. Here are my tips to survive football season if you do not love it:

Support your football loving spouse: Dress your kids, yourself, dog, decorate your home with team paraphernalia. It gives the impression that you care a little about their passion.

Honor the football schedule when possible: It used to irritate me to no end when I realized our Saturday schedules were planned around when the Buckeyes were playing. To be honest, I sometimes still become irritated, but I have learned to be mostly okay with the football schedule. I have learned that I can typically get my husband to agree to my plans on fall weekends as long as I allow time for him to watch football. We have worked out a compromise.

Compromise: My husband would watch football all day on Saturday if he could. We have three active kids, and he has a wife that cannot handle football all day long. We have come to the agreement that we will make time to watch the Buckeyes, but our schedule is not arranged around any other football games. If we are home and our schedule allows it, there are no complaints for that multiple games that are watched.

Make it a priority to go to a game: When you can, allow some of your budget and time to go a game. My husband attended an OSU game last year for the first time in eight years. Because we kept having babies and making a trip to Ohio was a long trip from where we live, we did not make it a priority for years. When we made it to a game last year, my husband beamed with excitement. Did I go with him? No, he took a friend who cared more about the game while the kids and I enjoyed other activities in Columbus.

Remember it only lasts a little over four months: Above all, remember that there are more months out of year that college football is not on.


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