Hydroxychloroquine: Was the POTUS right?

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Every time we think we’ve heard all there is to hear about COVID-19 — or make that, all we WANT to hear, new information surfaces that catches our attention. Unfortunately, there has been biased censorship against certain types of real news, which has caused many people to question whether the media is involved in an intentional fake news campaign to help promote a specific agenda. Let’s talk about hydroxychloroquine.

What exactly is hydroxychloroquine?

Hydroxychloroquine is an immunosuppressive drug. When you suppress something, you are trying to hold it back or forcibly put a stop to it. The prefix “immuno” refers to terms related to the immune system. Immunosuppressive drugs suppress or hold back a person’s immune system response. You might wonder why anyone would want to do that. After all, isn’t your immune system responsible for promoting good health and preventing or fighting infections and illness in your body?

Usually, yes. However, concerning illnesses such as COVID-19, the whole problem happens to be an overactive immune system response. In other words, it is not as much the virus that is causing people to enter demise, it is their own body (or specifically, their own immune system) turning on itself. Therefore, an immunosuppressive drug can help get the out-of-control immune response back under control. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The POTUS took a lot of flack for mentioning hydroxychloroquine

In the early days of the pandemic, President Donald Trump gave a press conference in which he mentioned hydroxychloroquine. He also mentioned French doctors and others who had reported great success in treating COVID-19 with this drug in combination with other remedies, such as zinc and vitamin C. The POTUS also mentioned that U.S. researchers were reporting promising information that suggested hydroxychloroquine, when used properly as part of a whole treatment plan, may be able to cure COVID-19 patients.

The media lambasted the president’s remarks. Many people believe that those who so adamantly opposed the POTUS’s remarks, as well as comments that were coming from doctors all over the world, has to do with this treatment plan not fitting a particular narrative, which states that there can be no cure from COVID-19 without a vaccine.

Except, there is — at least, many experts believe so

Consider the fact that 99% of SARS2 patients recover without a vaccine. Furthermore, in this article, a professor of epidemiology at Yale, Harvey Risch, says he believes tens of thousands of COVID-19 patients have suffered unnecessary deaths when they might have greatly improved or been cured if only they had been treated with hydroxychloroquine.

Risch says this particular drug is the key to defeating COVID-19. He laments the fact that the drug has been a topic of political and medical debate for months. Risch further states that thousands of lives could still be saved if physicians would widely prescribe hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients.

Why does the media apparently hand-pick which experts get news time?

Harvey Risch is the director of Yale University’s Molecular Cancer Epidemiology Laboratory. Why is it that the media does not flood its airwaves and online venues with the good news Risch and other experts in similar fields of study have been trying to report?

Using common sense and critical thinking skills, it should strike the average person as odd that the experts who get media air time all seem to concur that the POTUS is a reckless fool for mentioning hydroxychloroquine. They all seem to say the inexpensive oral medication has zero effect on curing COVID-19 patients. Most topics of debate have two or more sides. Yet, it seems only experts who agree that the drug is ineffective get to openly share their opinions in this instance. Experts like Risch and the doctors whose news conference was censored are not permitted to share their research findings or opinions, even when many of them are front line doctors who have treated hundreds COVID-19 patients.

Hydroxychloroquine appears to help high-risk patients, too

Doctor Vladimir Zelenko writes that he treated at least 400 high-risk patients with hydroxychloroquine and every patient survived. An additional 500 high-risk nursing home and clinic patients throughout the country also suffered zero deaths under the same treatment plan.

The earlier, the better

Epidemiology experts such as Harvey Risch say hydroxychloroquine is most effective when administered early on in a COVID-19 infection. He said he worries that future sociological studies will show that politicized debate overrode clear-cut medical evidence regarding this widely available immunosuppressant drug.

COVID-19 shows a recovery rate of more than 99%, and that has been the case even when hydroxychloroquine was not being used as a primary means of treatment as it could have been. It’s logical to assume that the percentage would increase if more doctors would start basing their treatment plans on medical evidence rather than political debate.


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