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My kids and I were watching an episode of “Once Upon a Time” and the season finale provided one delicious moment of awkwardness when the main female character decides to profess her love for her man, Captain Hook. For some reason, I had to pause the show at the very moment she was going to speak. The look on her face, which we call “Pause Face”, was so hi-larious and strange-looking that we left her on pause as we spoke for her. In a moment of creative genius I will never forget, my teen says (as the female character), “Er, Herk…I lerv yer!” Translation for those that don’t get it: “Uh, Hook, I love you!” Five minutes later, we were still laughing and wiping the tears from our eyes. Since that moment several months ago, we have come to say “I lerv yer” either out loud or through text.

What I love about that awkward-yet-hilarious moment most of all is that the silly way we came up with of saying “I love you” is fitting for me and my hubby. Even when I was active on Facebook, I was not one to openly profess my love for him publicly, nor would he do that for me. I will admit…that Green-Eyed Monster would come out when I would see Romeo and Juliet-type love posts as statuses. But I realized, I’m just not comfortable with public displays of affection, other than hand-holding. I may have been a Puritan in a past life…they don’t seem like the type of people to outwardly show affection even to kids or dogs.

I guess I have a few points with this post that I’d like to get across. First, it’s okay to withhold your PDA (public displays of affection) from the public. Not everyone needs to see that you feel you have the best hubby on the planet because he bought you Jason Mraz concert tickets. I think many of us feel that our hubbies deserve the title of Best Husband on Planet Earth–so let’s just rejoice in our collective love for our men and not get into a bidding war over who has the best hubby.

Second, those of us that do withhold from PDA are not communicating that we love our spouses or children any less than those who loudly proclaim it. I don’t think my hubby or children need me to tweet or post a status about how they are my heart–my whole heart.

Lastly, you can say “I love you” in a very uncool and hilarious way, and it’s still going to mean a great deal. I tell my man and my children that I love them several times a day and thanks to one episode of “Once Upon a Time”, I have a very awesome new way to say it 😉

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CJ Heath would like to tell her hubby, children, and friends, “Er, I lerv yer!!!!”

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