I Might Be Evil for Being Amused by This

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Just a few short weeks ago, uber-celebrity Kim Kardashian was robbed in the “City of Love” by five men dressed as policemen. The compassionate human being in me was thinking, “I’m so glad they didn’t rape her!” No one deserves that and she was utterly alone and helpless during the robbery. Fortunately, they didn’t take her body, but they did take over $10 million worth of her jewelry and jewelry box. Wow.

As a Christian, I know that I should not covet…not someone else’s husband, not the neighbor’s car, not Kim K’s $4 million dollar engagement ring from Kanye. I don’t follow Kim K. on social media, I don’t watch her TV show, and I don’t seek articles out about her. I have a personal grievance against idolizing celebrities. I like to keep things in perspective, like remembering that Kim K. –as gorgeous as she is–poops and wipes her bum with TP, just like everyone else. But I digress…

The girl in me who likes shiny things did have to suppress the Green-Eyed Monster when I came across Kim K’s $4 mil ring on the internet. I mean, wow. Did you see that thing? Was the original diamond mined for that ring the size of a baby’s head?

In short, she flaunted the ring (and probably her other jewelry) on the net just a few short days before it was all stolen from her. Days. Who are these people? I was immediately intrigued: I don’t know what Kim K’s daily life itinerary is–how did they know where to find her? Why didn’t she have a body guard with her? This article shares a few of the details of the heist itself. And this article explains how she’ll never see that jewelry again.

I know, it’s terrible of me to be amused by this. I think the deeper issue for me is this: if I don’t flaunt what I have in other people’s faces, why should others do that to me? And Kim K’s robbery felt like a scolding from the universe to her saying, “Don’t gloat and show everyone what you’ve got”. It’s not nice manners.

In any case, Kim will undoubtedly recover. As I type this, she’s still planning her back-to-social-media comeback and I’m sure she’ll be a big hit. She brings in like, $1 billion dollars a month or something, so I know she’ll recover quickly from the financial loss of her jewelry. And she’s probably already starring in her own made-for-TV-movie about the heist and her comeback.

Don’t judge me too harshly…I am being honest with you when I say that I feel a bit smug about the robbery. Ultimately though, I am glad she did not get hurt. It could have gone really wrong, really fast. As it was, they didn’t lay a hand on her, so that tells me that Kim K. has a guardian angel, too. My question is: Will she be flaunting her jewelry on the net in the future??


CJ Heath

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