I Started the Whole30 Again: Here’s Why

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Last Monday, I began my second round of the Whole30 eating plan. I completed the Whole30 successfully two years ago and kept up many of the habits I formed in the months that followed.

What is the Whole30?

The Whole30 is an elimination diet. There is no dairy, wheat, sugar or even artificial sweeteners on the plan. There are other exclusions, but those are the big ones. The goal of the plan is to eat pure wholesome food as we were originally intended to help our bodies reset. The plan is designed to last 30 days.

Why Do It?

Personally, I am doing the Whole30 to try to reset my energy levels and to help me revisit some healthier food choices. We completed a bathroom renovation over the holidays, sold our home and moved shortly after. In the days, and weeks following the move I felt my body, spirit and mind crash from pure exhaustion. With three kids and a house to renovate, I need as much energy as I can get.

The recent warm weather has helped to increase my energy levels, but not to the normal levels I am used to. In addition, quick food choices during the holidays and move resulted in a whopping 15-pound weight gain! My goal in 30 days is not to drop 15 pounds, but to regain some habits that will help me lose that weight in a timely manner.

Meal Planning and Friends

Since this is my second round I have found it easier to begin and stick to the plan. During my last round and this current round, my sister has taken the journey with me. We are not in the same town, but knowing someone close to me is also making similar choices helps me to meet my goals.

One habit that the Whole30 forces me into is meal planning. It is difficult to complete the Whole30 without adequate meal planning because most food requires some cooking. Our move and spring kept us busy making easy to drop meal planning which increased grocery and eating out expenses.

Am I strictly following the plan? Yes and no. When it comes to foods and diets for me its black and white. I cannot eat in moderation, but if there are rules to follow, I can do it. So yes, I am being strict. To conflict that, I am not being overly strict on myself when I have not other options but to eat out by asking chefs what oils they cook with or seasonings used to make sure I follow the diet 100 percent.

Food Outside of the Home

This round of the Whole30, it will be impossible to avoid eating out at times, so I decided to eat something from the menu that is the most compliant. For example, after my son’s last baseball game, his choice for lunch was Chick-fil-a. If my memory serves me correct, very little food at Chick-fil-a is compliant. I chose to eat the most compliant food which was grilled chicken patty with lettuce and tomato (no sauces) to hold me over until we made it home.

During these 30 days, we will also take a camping trip which will be a new challenge and will require some serious meal prep.

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