Ignore Fauci and celebrate Christmas with your family

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Ignore Fauci and celebrate Christmas with your family - The Hot Mess Press

My dislike for Anthony Fauci is no secret. I think he’s an opportunist who has no real concern about public health. He’s in it for the money and fame, not because he cares about the American public. Fauci isn’t trustworthy and it amazes me that anyone still looks to him for recommendations. Based on his history, you can see that he’s dishonest and has been involved in some horrific experiments on animals and even orphaned children. It’s time for everyone to ignore Fauci, especially when it comes to choosing how to celebrate Christmas this year.

Fauci’s guide to Christmas celebrations

Recently, Dr. Fauci expressed his views on how Americans should celebrate Christmas in 2021. He claims that it’s only safe for vaccinated individuals to get together for Christmas parties. Some other sources have even advised people to require vaccine cards before they allow their relatives or friends to come over for Christmas dinner. Have we gotten so fearful that people actually believe this is acceptable, or even sane? We have to consider what’s most important. Do you want to have a joyous holiday season with your friends and family, or do you want to take a page from the communist playbook and ask Grandpa about his private medical information? If you think back to 2-3 years ago, most ordinary people would have thought this to be insane. Yet, here we are.

Holiday doom and gloom

If you pay any attention to Dr. Fauci and other prominent health officials, you can quickly see just how negative they are. They are full of doom and gloom about variants and skewed statistics, which they freely use to scare people into submission. Anyone who has underlying health conditions should be cautious, just as they are likely cautious during flu season. But the average person should celebrate Christmas with family. Look at it this way. We truly never know how much time we have left with family members, especially those who are elderly. Do you want to regret not seeing your grandparents for Christmas just because Fauci says so?

The ever-changing pandemic restrictions and recommendations end when the American public has had enough. Mandates aren’t laws and most of these rules aren’t even legally enforceable. Spend Christmas with the people you love. Ignore Fauci and all the others who want you to hide from a virus that’s statistically harmless to most people. Christmas is a time for being with family and friends. As we learn more about how those in charge are able to manipulate data to keep people fearful and compliant, we have to come to a point where we just say “no.”

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