Immune system: 3 EASY ideas to try!

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The wonders of our God-designed bodies never cease. Even a brief study of Biology shows there is nothing simple about the most basic, simple life form (protozoa). The intricacy and complexity involved in a single, microscopic bacterium is astounding. God equipped each of our bodies with an immune system that can kick into gear in a split second. From eliminating toxins to overcoming viruses and more, it works 24/7 to keep us as healthy as possible.

Sadly, many Americans suffer from poor immune system health. If you want to start strengthening your body’s infection-fighting machine, this post contains three SUPER EASY ideas for you to try. Mainstream store products sold as cleaning supplies are loaded with toxic ingredients. While one use of one product is not likely to devastate your immune system health, continual use with hundreds of products over an extended period of time can negatively affect your health. Whether you implement one or all three of these ideas into your daily life routine, your air and body will be better off for it.

Boost your immune system by making your own cleaner

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I haven’t purchased store-bought spray cleaners in more than a decade. Next time you eat oranges or lemons, save the peels. You’ll also need some white vinegar. Stuff your citrus peels into a mason jar and fill the jar with vinegar. Put the lid on and sit it in a cupboard for about a week. Strain the liquid into a spray bottle and leave room to add a bit of water (not too much though because it works best at near full-strength). Voila! You now have a non-toxic household cleaner that is safe for your immune system. Vinegar battles microbial contamination, as well.

I’ve read numerous articles cautioning against using full-strength vinegar, stating it can dull counter tops, stone or wood. I’ve not had this problem, but then again, I’m not letting it soak for hours. Just spray, let sit 30 seconds or so, and wipe. One downside is that it does take a little more wiping to make glass streak-free. I, for one, will gladly spend a few extra moments wiping glass if it is helping me create a non-toxic environment in my home. I add several drops of high quality, food-grade essential oils to help combat germs and to compensate for the icky vinegar smell.

Make some fermented sauerkraut, people!

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Several years ago, I began learning about fermented foods. If improving gut health is your goal, you’ll definitely want to make some homemade, fermented sauerkraut! Growing up, my mother always served cooked sauerkraut. However, if you want to get the maximized benefits for immune system health, you’re better off eating it raw. Fermented kraut is full of much needed vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin B6. It is also a good source of iron, mangenese and potassium.

My family members are not picky eaters, so they’re typically willing to try fermented foods or other “health” concoctions I make. However, on the rare occasion that someone says they don’t want to eat something because they dislike the flavor, I tell them to eat it as medicine. I mean, think about it. How many times have you taken meds that a doctor has prescribed that taste awful? Fermented kraut is one of the easiest health foods to make. (And, if you like kraut, it happens to be delicious!) In fact, if you have some cabbage on hand and coarse salt, you can use this recipe to start today! Note: This recipe adds garlic and carrots. It’s totally optional. I just use cabbage and salt. You can experiment and Google more ideas, especially if you enjoy customizing the recipes you use!

Homemade yogurt helps your immune system, too

The third SUPER EASY tip to help improve your immune system health is to make some homemade yogurt. Similar to fermented kraut, homemade yogurt is packed full of pro-biotic bacteria. This is essentially “food for your gut flora,” and helps your body more easily absorb the nutrients it needs. I’ve seen many different recipes for homemade yogurt online. When it comes to making healthy foods or cleaners at home, I opt for the least expensive, easiest ideas I can find.

I’ve been using the same recipe to make homemade yogurt for years. It makes about 4 1/2 quarts at a time. We keep frozen berries, walnuts, pure honey and bananas on hand, so we always have yummy toppings for our yogurt. Some people like to add vanilla (Learn to make your own with vanilla beans and vodka!) or other flavors. Homemade yogurt doesn’t have the unhealthy sugars and additives that many store-bought yogurts contain.

Try it, you’ll like it!

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If you have an impaired health condition (like high blood pressure or thyroid issues) learn more about fermented foods and essential oils before you try them. Some can interact with certain commercial medications or otherwise affect your body. Make informed decisions. Here is a SUPER EASY homemade yogurt recipe to strengthen immune system health:

Pour a gallon of milk into a crock pot

Turn on high for 2 hours

Turn off and let sit for 2 hours

Stir in 1 cup of organic, plain yogurt

Remove crock from its base with lid ON and wrap in a blanket

Sit under stove top light for 8-12 hours

Note: Light isn’t necessary because it will still ferment without it, but may take a little longer.

Take one step at a time to build a stronger immune system

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Studies regarding COVID-19 show it as a negative autoimmune response that places lives at risk. The human body sort of turns on itself. For certain people, such as the elderly population or those who have received cancer treatments, etc., it becomes difficult or impossible to recover when this happens. The key to avoiding this outcome is to build as strong an immune system as possible ahead of time. Everyone is talking about life-after-quarantine and how many things will be forever-changed. Let one of those things be your immune system! Start making positive, easy-to-implement changes today!

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