Improve brain function by stopping these 5 behaviors

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If you have suffered cognitive damages from the Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Moderna or other so-called ”vaccines,” you are definitely not alone. You may also be among those who contracted the lab-created illness known as ”Covid-19,” only to wind up with similar types of brain damage. Many scientists, doctors and health practitioners have been recommending various treatments and exercises to compensate and overcome the cognitive impairment these things have caused. In addition to doing certain things, it may also help improve brain function by stopping certain behaviors, as well.

Unfortunately, many of the activities that impair brain function are things that the average adult does on a daily basis in the modern world. There are also certain behaviors that have become more prolific in society within the past few years due to fearmongering and lies purported by mainstream media and corrupt government officials. Learning more about such behaviors in relation to how they affect brain function might compel you to reduce the amount of time you spend doing such things. Data shows that these behaviors damage the human brain. Therefore, it’s logical to assume that stopping these behaviors will improve brain function.

Improve brain function through in-person, social interaction

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The first behavior on our list that has been shown to damage the human brain is social isolation. Humans are social creatures. Our brains thrive from interaction with others. This is one of the behaviors that has increased throughout the country in recent years, mostly due to misinformation and propaganda that induces fear among the general population. (A side note to think about here is the reasoning behind such an agenda. It is easier to control  the masses if they are separated from each other. There truly IS power in numbers.)

Social isolation is NOT healthy for your brain. In fact, in ”Neurology,” which is the official journal of the American Academy of Neurology,  research results were published. These results showed that social isolation actually changes the structure and cognition in the human brain—and not in a good way. If you isolate yourself from other humans, you are at a much greater risk for dementia than people who regularly interact in person with others. The brains of socially isolated people are, in fact, ”wired” differently than the brains of socially active people. In studies of tens of thousands of participants, results consistently show that socially isolated people have low amounts of grey matter. A low amount of grey matter has been linked to an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to improve brain function, stop isolating yourself from other people.

Being sedentary does NOT improve brain function

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I have written past articles here on The Hot Mess Press that explain why a sedentary lifestyle is so bad for your health. It turns out, that the human brain also suffers damage from lack of whole-body movement throughout the day. You don’t have to become a gym rat or invest in top of the line exercise equipment. Literally, just stand up and get moving! You can bend and stretch or dance or take several brisk walks each day. As long as your whole body is moving, you will boost your health and improve brain function.

You can conduct basic research to determine what medical science classifies as a sedentary lifestyle. However, it is simply good to understand that you must engage in whole body movement, several times per day, every day, to maximize good health. If you can do some of these activities outdoors, it’s even better!

Stop listening to and watching negative news all the time

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There’s a relatively new colloquial term known as ”doomscrolling.” As you might be able to tell by its title, this behavior  occurs when a person excessively engages in reading bad news on a computer or cell phone. Many people are addicted to bad news. Humans have an instinct that places them on alert for danger. As such, it is somewhat natural for us to see a negative news headline and want to know more. After all, it might be something that affects us or our families, right? The problem is that, consuming too much negative news creates anxiety. A professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Sussex says that over-consumption of negative news can spark symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that become a chronic, adverse health condition.

It’s not only important to stop exposing yourself to negative news all the time. It is equally important to fill the void with positive news and positive thinking. There is ample scientific evidence available to show that medical patients who regularly think positive thoughts heal faster and more fully than those who are consumed with negativity.

Processed sugar destroys the human brain

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This is another topic about which I have written many times. Processed sugar is all-out poison to the human body. I often tell people who ask me for suggestions on how to improve their health that, if they do just ONE thing, it should be eliminating processed sugar from their diet. Many people get confused about this issue. I have heard people who have been misguided say that eating fruit is as bad as eating candy. This is simply not true.

Our bodies need natural sugars that we get from whole foods, especially fruit. Glucose is one of the most important types of natural sugar that we get from fruit. It’s not only one of the main sources of much-needed calories in our bodies, it also crosses the brain barrier to nourish the brain. You can’t live without out. This is very different from the toxic processed, added sugars that are dumped into most packaged foods on your store shelves. If you want to improve brain function, swap processed sugars for naturally occurring sugar in whole foods.

Quit spending too much time in the dark

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One of the first signs of brain damage you might experience if you spend too much time in the dark is depression. This mental illness has reached epidemic proportions in our society. Do not listen to anyone who tells you that direct sunlight is bad for your health. In fact, the opposite is true. Natural light is essential to good health and more exposure to it can help improve brain function.

Start the New Year out right by protecting your brain health

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This is a time of year when many people start thinking ahead to a new year. They set goals and consider changes that they might want to make in their lives. Many such changes have to do with health. You might want to save this post or share it with others as a reminder that certain behaviors can and do cause brain damage. If you want to improve brain function in the new year to come, consider eradicating some or all of these behaviors from your daily routine.


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