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As a Christian I have raised quite a few eyebrows over the years: I believe in the paranormal, that demons still exist, and red wine is a part of my daily diet. I think I have a lot of spirituality–maybe the same amount as everyone else, but I’m open to talking about it, learning about it. I don’t stuff God into parameters that make most conventional Christians feel comfortable. I like to think that God has blessed us with so much more than we’ll ever understand. I stretch my thinking about all things spiritual because…well, I just like to. For instance, most Christians seem comfortable saying we have Guardian Angels. The word “angel” seems to make this belief acceptable. But why can’t we say that alongside our Guardian Angels, we have Spirit Guides as well? My point is not to convince you that we have Spirit Guides. Rather, I’m giving you a bit of insight into the sorts of spiritual things I think about. I believe now you’ll understand why I’ve been pondering hard about what happened recently.

A few weeks ago, I was perusing links over YouTube, specifically a link by famous past life regression hypnotist Brian Weiss.  His story is absolutely fascinating to me so it’s no wonder that I found him on YouTube.  I have several hypnosis CDs, however I don’t ‘go under’ very easily. In fact, I think I fall asleep soon after counting backwards. So I knew I wouldn’t go under if I played his link in the background of my office. As I was listening to Dr. Weiss’s hypnosis session on YouTube, my son walked into the room to give me a hug. Suddenly, he plopped down on the ground, and sitting cross-legged, appeared to go under. I was completely taken aback by this. There were five of us in the room and only my son seemed hypnotized. Twenty minutes later when the session was over, my son opened his eyes and I knew at that point that he had been hypnotized: his eyes looked as if he’d just woken up from a long night of sleep.

I said, “Hey Buddy! Welcome back!”. We all laughed a little nervously, accept for my son who just seemed confused. I wasn’t prepared to ask him questions so I tried to recall what Dr. Weiss said in the vid…things like, “You’re in the womb…” and “Look at your feet–what do your shoes look like?” and so on. As I asked my son these questions, he began recalling some pretty remarkable things: he was a medieval knight who died as an old man, surrounded by loved ones. His Spirit Guide had told him to, “Be brave–Be strong” when moving from the astral plane to his next life.

Since he is the only one who goes under so easily, he wanted to go under several more times and I was more than happy to oblige. He has recounted three lives so far with such detail and clarity that I can’t dismiss it. I mean, this is the same kid who hates using creativity for his Language Arts assignments at home. Now he’s recalling details like he’s a blacksmith with black flecks in his beard?

This isn’t my first brush with thinking about past lives, but it certainly is the strongest argument for it. I know the conventional Christian would say that we only have one soul, one death….but my belief is that we have one soul with possible multiple deaths. I still struggle with the idea of “karma”, which is something that a lot of intuitives believe in, but you know me–I’ll read about it soon and see what I learn.

I won’t know until He comes again–or when I die!!– whether or not reincarnation is really a possibility. But it’s certainly something I enjoy thinking about with seriousness and wonder. Maybe you’ll think about it a little more deeply, too, when you next catch yourself saying  “In my next life…”.

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CJ Heath is weird and she knows it. Above all, she loves God and His Son, who willing died ONCE for all of us. If you’re weird, too, bring some red wine to her house and have a conversation with her about the things that YOU ponder and wonder over 🙂

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