In Spite of Grammy’s Shun; Metal Most Popular Genre

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The country recently celebrated its musical heritage with the annual televised Grammy Awards. While many people may enjoy the awards ceremony, there has been a glaring shun that most have not spoken about until this year. It may not be common knowledge that not every presentation is featured on-air. One of the categories that has been relegated to off-air honors is the category of rock and metal.

One of the nominees for this category, Avenged Sevenfold, issued a statement announcing that in spite of the nomination, they would be skipping the ceremony. While the lead singer, known professionally as Matt Shadows, said that while their decision to skip the Grammys was not to be considered a protest, he did say that the refusal to not televise the rock category was a slap in the face since the genre is actually the most popular category throughout the world. His band had one of the top grossing world-wide tours in 2017.

The Grammy’s have long had an agenda that attempts to push the categories and artists that seem to have the most appeal, even though the fans may have felt differently. This year’s awards telecast seemed to focus more on its political agenda and using its platform to push the current agenda of the day. In the meantime, a whole segment of musical talent is being relegated to the backroom in spite of the fact that metal music is growing in popularity across the globe.

The music apps, Spotify and Pandora, which are streaming music channels, have stated that their most popular musical channels are hard rock and heavy metal. Recent studies have shown a correlation between the numbers of metal bands and an increase in wealth and well-being of its nation’s citizens. Sweden, which has been touted with providing its citizens with an affluent living, has a higher concentration of metal bands than many other countries. While there is no scientific proof that metal musicians or fans are wealthier and happier people, there is a strong correlation that suggests that the technical musical components that are an integral part of metal compositions indicate that they possess a higher intelligence level than some other musical types.

Researchers have theorized that part of the richness of Sweden’s metal legacy is due in part because the educational systems ensure that kids are exposed to musical education at an early age. Other countries have also recently seen an increase in the numbers of these bands. While metal listeners and artists have long been associated with the blue-collar misfits of society, studies have shown that those who gravitate to this type of music tend to be of a higher income and educational level. Finland and several other European nations have a higher concentration of metal musicians in spite of the fact that this genera originated in the States and England.

In spite of the increase in the numbers of these bands and the fact that their fans are the most loyal of any other fans, the awards industry seems content to treat these bands as the black sheep of the musical family.


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