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Did you take up part 1 of my weekly challenges to find previously overlooked things for which to be grateful? Well, taking photos of objects or circumstances that deserved my gratitude was an eye-opening, but satisfying experience. For the next challenge, I want to give thanks to all the baristas, cashiers and others who serve me on my daily shopping trips and memorable moments at my favorite coffee shop. I want to thank them sincerely while looking them in the eyes, rather than a mumbled meaningless “thank you” in passing.

Cashiers and baristas

Showing appreciation to cashiers and the supply chain

Essentially, I want to go further and thank all those along the supply chain who make it possible for me to buy and enjoy their products and merchandise. For many people, gratitude does not come naturally or easily. Therefore, this may be the time to change that. Even those whose dispositions are somewhat grumpy might be surprised at the satisfaction they experience when showing gratitude to those who deserve it.

Coffee Beans
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I will start with servers and cashiers my favorite coffee shop

The girl who serves me that special cup of coffee that keeps on getting me to go back for more certainly deserves a genuine thank you. However, what about the farmers who cultivated the coffee beans? Similarly, I want to thank the roasters and the transporters who brought the beans to them. Then there are the transporters of roasted coffee beans to the wholesalers, retailers and coffee shops. The list is endless; don’t forget the manufacturers and suppliers of disposable cups, cream, sugar, and more. How often do you think anybody shows those people gratitude?

A personal experience of a grumpy customer

A man who encouraged me to show my gratitude is a not-so-friendly person himself. He related how he started this journey of thanking people for their services. His first stop was also his favorite coffee shop to say thanks to the barista who usually served him on most of his visits to the shop. His showing of gratitude overwhelmed the barista who was emotional when she told him how most people treated her. The guy quickly realized that he was one of those ungrateful clients.

Decorative design on Coffee
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She said many people treat her as if she is a vending machine and not a human being. She further shared stories about many of the incidents that drove her to tears. Once a young child yelled at her. She was unhappy with the decorative design of the cream topping of her hot chocolate. Furthermore, she said most people do not even look up from their cell phones when they give her their credit cards. The two seconds it takes to look into someone’s eyes and thank them sincerely causes a moment of connection that benefits both parties.

Card to thank cashiers

Here’s this week’s gratitude challenge

From now on, remember that those who serve you are humans and not vending machines. Please take a moment to remove your earbuds or headphones. Smile and offer a sincere compliment as you look them in the eye and thank them.

Come back next week for the third of five challenges to increase gratefulness. Remember, if you are wearing a mask, a genuine smile will show in your eyes!

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