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Times are hard. The economy has been plummeting since Mr. Mandate named himself president. Many people were out of work for a long time. Some never went back, even after the tyrannical governors told them they could. Grocery prices are through the roof with no sign of decline in the foreseeable future. Let’s not even talk about gas prices. The holidays are just around the corner and most Americans would be happy to find ways to increase cash flow to help them make ends meet.

There are many side jobs you can do to supplement an income. The trick is to find something that you can easily incorporate into your schedule. It should be something you have the skill to do, although if you’re a quick learner, being unskilled might not be a problem. The four jobs you’re about to read about are jobs you can pretty much do anywhere. In fact, even a mature teenager could do the work. The great thing about side-hustles is that you’re not dependent on them to survive. If you just want to do something to get you through the holidays or to increase cash flow to help resolve credit card debt, you can. Once you’ve achieved your goal, you can choose to keep working the side job or stop.

Answering online surveys is a way to increase cash flow

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There are several websites that will pay you answer surveys. That’s it. This would be your sole duty. You work when you want, for how long you want. People who take surveys to supplement their income often say they can find surveys that will pay anywhere from $10 to $50 a pop. The downside would be that it’s likely quite time consuming, unless you’re fast at scrolling, reading and answering the questions. Theoretically, if you could find 15 surveys per week to pay $10 a piece, you’d be earning approximately $600 extra dollars per month. If you happen to be able to find the higher paying surveys, you can do the math. If you can find pay offers of $50 per survey and do 15 per week, that’s $2,800 per month!

Become copywriter or freelance writer to increase cash flow

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This is the particular route I chose when I wanted to increase cash flow in our household. I’ve been working as a copywriter and freelance writer for approximately 7 years now. I love it. I also appreciate the wiggle room it gives us when we need something or want something but don’t want to tap into household funds to cover the expense. Professional writing is definitely not for everyone. Primary job requirements include excellent grammar and punctuation skills. In most cases, you also need to demonstrate knowledge of AP rules for writing, which are the guidelines for journalists follow.

How much you can earn by becoming a copywriter or freelance writer depends on who is paying you and how they’re paying you. You might accept a compensation package that pays you per word. Some companies or individuals will hire you by the post. With some writing jobs, you’re required to follow a certain schedule or meet deadlines. In some cases, you might have an entire week to fulfill your orders. Other times, it might be as little as 48 hours. Another benefit about writing to increase cash flow is that you can usually work for several companies or individuals at a time.

Take care of people’s homes and pets while they’re away

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This is a job you can do on the weekends. By offering house-sitting or pet-sitting services, you can set the price. If you live in a metropolitan area, such as New York City or Washington DC, this type of work can be lucrative. In fact, data shows that some house sitters rake in upwards of $4,200 per month in such locations! If you become a pet walker, as opposed to a pet sitter, you could provide service to multiple clients within the same weekend.

You can rent unused space at home or other items

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Do you have an out-building that sits empty on your property? Consider renting it as a small storage unit to increase cash flow! Do you have a nice bicycle, golf clubs, electronic devices or other items that people might be interested in renting? Take a good look around your house and compile a list of things you can rent to supplement your income! You can even rent your backyard if you have a nice outdoor living space that people could rent for weekend parties!

I know a couple who have a lovely pool house on their property. It’s really more like a country cottage. They decided to make it available on Airbnb, and they are consistently booked through the month! It has not only increased cash flow but brings in enough money to pay their mortgage!

It’s amazing how a little creative thinking can spark opportunities to increase cash flow! If you try any of these ideas or have others to share, let us know! Here are a few extra ideas you might like from The Hot Mess Press archives!

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