INFJ Personality: The Advocate

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INFJ Personality: The Advocate

And now, amidst the sound of wind-chimes and directly after meditating, let’s get to know the INFJ personality: The Advocate. As a quick refresher, remember that “INFJ” stands for Introverted- (N) Intuitive-Feeling-Judging. Yours truly is an INFJ! Of the INFJ population, 75% are women and 25% are men.

Interestingly, INFJ’s only make up 1% of the population, making them them the rarest personality type on the planet. Because of this reason, INFJ’s tend to feel misunderstood.

INFJ personality traits

INFJs want to heal everyone. These Advocates or Counselors are visionaries who want to live in a peaceful society. Though we may advocate for others, we’d love to live in a world where advocating wouldn’t be necessary. Yes! Let’s feed the homeless. But what can we do to eradicate homelessness permanently?

INFJs love to go deep. Superficial conversations are not for us. We understand that maybe it’s easier for you to make small chit-chat. However, INFJs only feel real connections to others when the conversations are full of substance and thought-provoking matter.

If you know an INFJ, you’ll know we need a lot of alone time. And I mean, A LOT. It’s taxing to always be there for others (even though we love it!). But we need to recharge…and we do that alone, thank you very much.

Mahatma Ghandi: 

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”


Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths of the INFJ personality include insight, creativity and altruism.  When you have a problem you can’t figure out, talk to an INFJ. Since we’re insightful, we can help you see a situation with some clarity. And since we’re creative, we may be able to help you find a solution you hadn’t thought of before.

It’s also an INFJ strength to be decisive. Instead of taking the stance of, “Let’s just wait and see what happens” (Grrrrrr….that drives me nuts!!!), INFJs will make decisions quickly about a situation. We don’t often regret our decisions because we take in a lot of information about a situation, maybe without even realizing it. This is the intuitive and insightful aspect of our personalities. Because of this, we can make decisions quickly that we feel good about.

INFJs are not perfect though. Some weaknesses of this personality include being hypersensitive, burning out quickly, and needing to be perfectionists. Also, even though we can help YOU find clarity, we can never seem to find it within ourselves. For us, it’s like seeing the forest and the trees and not knowing what to do about it.

More info about INFJs

Remember when I told you I am an INFJ? It shows in some of the previous articles I’ve written. Some INFJ traits feel isolating, like needing so much time alone. And not liking loud noises. Those two things alone keep us from being party animals. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun! In fact, we love being around other people…in small doses. And we might have to prep mentally and emotionally for it.

Common phrases for the INFJ might be, “The world is so abrasive and scary!” and “No one understands me…I feel alone”. Or, “I totally understand what you mean” (and they really do!). “We can change the world….together” and “We can fix this problem…together“. Unfortunately for us, there’s not enough INFJs in the world to helps us band together to do it.

Famous INFJ personalities

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Mother Theresa
  • Ghandi
  • Plato
  • Billy Crystal
  • Shirley Temple Black
  • Tom Selleck
  • Mel Gibson
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Adam Sandler
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Anthony Kiedis
  •  Jon Snow
  • Frodo Baggins
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Lisa Simpson

Know who else is INFJ? Hitler and Osama bin Laden. This may surprise some of you who are familiar  with INFJ personalities, but think about it: they were visionaries who inspired others. Scary, right? But don’t worry. Most INFJs are kind, compassionate people who want to heal the world, not destroy it. Also, every personality type has a destructive, evil example–MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

As an interesting side note, general consensus is that Jesus was an INFJ. <3

So what do you think? Have you taken the test? Are you an INFJ? Or do you know one? Share your thoughts on what it’s like to know or be one!

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