Introversion: There’s nothing wrong with preferring your own company

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For some reason, many people wrongly assume that introversion is a negative personality type. They believe introverts do not like other people, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Introverts only prefer their own company most of the time. Unfortunately, this misconception led to a stigma that causes many people to deny or resist recognizing their own signs of introversion. If any of the following attitudes or traits seem familiar, it might help you accept that you are a bit of an introvert.

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Enjoying your own company is a sign of introversion

You enjoy spending breaks listening to music, gaming or reading because you need quiet time without others around. However, this does not mean you dislike spending time with others. In fact, you have some happy memories of fun times in the company of other people. It only means that spending time in the company of others will be because you choose to, rather than because you have to.

Idea, Plan, Action

Preferring quiet reflection to group discussions indicates introversion

When resolving problems, you prefer quiet time by yourself to reflect. Instead of group discussions or meetings, you need to ponder the issue before working out a creative and practical solution.

Introversion Leadersip Qualities

Introversion does not remove your leadership skills

You may not feel comfortable leading a group with no spark. However, you can provide a group of self-starters with efficient leadership to draw out the best of their abilities.

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You are quite happy without the limelight

You might look back at your school years and remember how some children’s hands shot up before the teacher even completed the question. Similarly, you will also not forget how you never put up your hand if the teacher asked for volunteers. If you are quite happy to let others shine and take center stage, you may admit that you are an introvert. It is not that you knew less than your classmates; you just never had the urge to be in the limelight.

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Do people ask your opinion?

If you have some introversion tendencies, you are unlikely to voice your opinion in public or groups. Introverts would typically also keep their thoughts to themselves, even if they were not in public. Those who know you well will know that you thoroughly dissect matters in your mind before you reach an opinion. However, even then, will you only voice your opinion if you are asked?

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Do you use headphones as protection?

Introverts have learned that wearing headphones to avoid making small talk. For example, during bus or train rides, strangers can almost force you to interact. However, even if you are not listening to anything, wearing your earphones can help you avoid unwanted interaction.

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Do you avoid interaction with someone who seems upset or angry?

If you avoid engaging with people who appear to be in a bad mood or angry, without knowing the reason, you show signs of introversion. In fact, studies have shown that introverts would most likely avoid interaction for fear of being the cause of their anger. In other words, introverts are sensitive to negative evaluations.

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How often do you initiate social calls or texts?

Do you receive a whole lot more emails, texts and calls than you make? If you have time to spare, you would likely enjoy your own company and have no need to send a text or make a call to pass time. Another sign of introversion is only responding to texts or calls instead of initiating them. Introverts tend to respond only to text messages that contain questions. Those close to you will know to include a question in each text message if they want to engage you in text conversations.

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The bottom line is that if you prefer your own company and hate small talk, you are probably an introvert. For more proof, could you imagine yourself as that one person in the supermarket line who talks about the weather and anything else to those ahead and behind?

Cheer up!

Introverts are good listeners who take everything in and analyze situations before responding. They do not have the need to partake in gossip. Their ability to ponder make them creative and original. Most importantly, if the choice is between the person who is the best talker and the person with the best ideas, you will be the winner every time.

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