Is Dr. Fauci trustworthy or has he misled us from the beginning?

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Is Dr. Fauci trustworthy or has his mislead us from the beginning? - The Hot Mess Press

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started, Dr. Anthony Fauci emerged as a sort of hero who was going to save our country. I’ll admit, at first I thought he seemed very knowledgable and trustworthy. But as time went on, his information changed. He contradicted himself many times. He contradicted the CDC too. In unknown times, we depend on professionals to give us reliable information. Dr. Fauci seemed to know his stuff. Now we know he’s a liar. No, I’m not being too harsh. Dr. Fauci purposely lied to the American people. He has admitted it. People who were suspicious of him were right. So if you’ve been wondering if Dr. Fauci is trustworthy, the answer is no.

The truth about Dr. Fauci

On paper, Dr. Fauci has impressive credentials. He graduated first in his class from Cornell University’s Medical College. In 1984, Dr. Fauci was appointed director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He was also one of the leading experts on the research and development of HIV/AIDS treatments. This man is obviously book smart, but does that make Dr. Fauci trustworthy? When COVID-19 first became a problem in the United States, Dr. Fauci claimed that a vaccination rate of 60-70% would reach herd immunity. He later increased that number twice. According to a recent phone interview with the New York Times, he said 90% of the US population needs to get the COVID-19 vaccine to reach herd immunity. Information changes as scientists learn more about a new disease. But that’s not what happened here. He knew he was misleading people and did it purposely because he didn’t think people could handle the truth.

His motive for deception

Dr. Fauci has been wishy-washy with his information from the beginning. At first, he didn’t recommend masks for the general public because there weren’t enough masks available for healthcare workers. He later changed his story and according to this article did so once it was discovered that there wasn’t a mask shortage. His story seems to change as it benefits him, not the public. But why would he lie? Does he have an agenda or does he just enjoy the power that comes from controlling people? Or perhaps, he has another motive. This article from the NIAID shows that Fauci has direct ties with Moderna, one of the first companies to develop a vaccine. Any recommendations on vaccines from Fauci constitute a serious conflict of interest.

When we encounter something like a pandemic, no matter the source of the disease, it’s important to have knowledgeable people to rely on. Dr. Fauci first emerged as an expert on infectious diseases who would help the United States contain and eradicate COVID-19. But that first impression of Anthony Fauci was wrong. He has since admitted to lying to the American people because he didn’t think we could handle the truth. He has slowly changed his story over time as a way of gaslighting American citizens. But now many people have opened their eyes and are done with blindly following the news or experts who have ulterior motives. There are many different information sources out there. It’s crucial to research beyond the mainstream media and so-called experts.  Is Dr. Fauci trustworthy? Many would argue that you should look to other sources for reliable COVID-19 information.

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