Is it finally time for America to outlaw abortion?

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Is it finally time for America to outlaw abortion? - The Hot Mess Press

The right to an abortion is a very controversial topic. Most Americans have strong feelings on the issue. It’s hard to have rational conversations on abortion when the sides are so completely and fundamentally opposed. But new information and some recent legislation may actually lead to the end of most legal abortions. Plus, the court case that led to the legalization of abortion was a complete sham. Texas seems to be leading the way in legislation to outlaw abortion. While many leftists are outraged, plenty of other Americans who believe in the sanctity of life are relieved. If we want to get down to the basics of abortion, it comes down to taking personal responsibility for your choices.

The false narrative behind Roe v. Wade

This famous court case from 1973 brings to mind the image of a distraught woman, pregnant with no place to turn. The biased media and many leftist government officials cite the ruling in the case, which gave women the right to choose abortion, as a wonderful freedom that benefits women as a whole. The woman in the case, Norma McCorvey, never actually had the abortion. Her baby was born and adopted by another family. In fact, Norma went on to become part of the anti-abortion movement before her death in 2017.

The truth behind abortion

Pro-choice advocates talk about bodily autonomy and use it as a premise to promote a woman’s right to choose abortion. They completely ignore the fact that a living baby is not part of the woman’s body and is a separate human being. Even though the child relies on the mother for nourishment, upon conception the baby has completely different DNA than the mother. This makes it a separate person, no longer just part of the mother’s body. Furthermore, if you look into the evils behind abortion, many women go on to deeply regret their decision and may even have severe health problems after the procedure. Look into Kermit Gosnell to better understand the horrors behind many abortion clinics.

It’s time for America to outlaw abortion. The case for “circumstances of rape and incest” just doesn’t hold water. Such instances are rare and constitute a very small percentage of cases. A baby in utero is an individual human with its own unique DNA. It goes against all motherly instincts to want to kill your own child. Birth control is readily available and our society is long overdue for a return to traditional family values with a nuclear family as the leading example. Children should not suffer the sins of their parents. Killing an innocent child because you made a mistake is wrong and it’s important for women to understand that they have so many options and places to turn so that their child can live and they won’t have to feel the guilt of an unthinkable action.

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