Is Moving like Childbirth?

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Our family recently completed a move, and I have decided moving is a lot like childbirth. Mothers often claim that it is easy to forget how painful childbirth is until it is experienced again. Like childbirth, I easily forgot how painful a home move is until we went through it this past January.


It is easy to forget how physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting a move can be. Similar to childbirth, until you are in the moment, the feelings experienced are difficult to comprehend.

On the final day of our recent move, it was cold and rainy. Although we hired movers to help us with the big items, I was beyond exhausted. I could not wait to get into warm pajamas and go to bed. We felt a rollercoaster of emotions leaving the home we had dearly loved and had made ours for the last 5 years.

During the birth of my second child, the birth did not go as planned. It was a roller coaster of emotions of fear, anticipation, love and joy as we headed to an operating room late at night to meet our son. The following day, I had never been so exhausted, but I felt it was all worth it to add our son to our family.

Lot of Work

Moving is a lot of work whether or not help is hired. There is a lot to coordinate, a lot to organize, a lot to pack and a lot to move. No matter which way a mother chooses to give birth, it is always a lot of work.

In addition, the act of the move or childbirth is just the beginning. Once a child is born there is a lot of work ahead for parents when taking care of a baby. Once a move is completed, there is still considerable work ahead as well. Spaces need to be cleaned, boxes unpacked the home must be organized for living.

Everything Gets Cleaned

Typically, the approaching birth of a baby results in a mother feeling the desire to get every nook and cranny clean in her home. The nesting instinct is strong and real driving many mothers to clean things they would normally let slide. Like pending childbirth, moving forces individuals to clean items of dust, dirt and grime. Decluttering and purging also often occurs as individuals have low tolerance to move things that no longer serve a purpose.

Worth It

Usually, the pain, exhaustion and work are almost always worth the effort it took to get there. Realizing that every move is not a one that is necessarily desired, the word usually seems appropriate. Most mothers will also comment that the pain of childbirth was also worth the pain and exhaustion to meet her child. On a side note, I would like to add that the joy of having a child is no comparison to any residence that may be moved or moved out of. These are just my silly observations between two life events.

Now two months past the initial part of our move, I can begin to feel the aspects that have made the move worth it. So much so, we look forward to fixing our outdated home and possibly do another move all over again. Then again this third home of ours could be our last home in the same aspect we stopped having children after our third child.

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