It’s not about public health: The government doesn’t care about you

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It's not about public health: The government doesn't care about you - The Hot Mess Press

Over the past 18 months or so, we have constantly been directed to take certain actions “for the greater good” or “to protect others.” Our government has used guilt to take away freedoms that we took for granted up until 2020. We were instructed to stay home, wear masks, and stop living our normal everyday lives in the interest of public health. The government told families not to get together for holidays, kids weren’t allowed to go to school, and many people lost jobs because small businesses had to close. But was this really about public health?

It’s all about control

I realize this is a very pessimistic view. No one wants to believe that the government doesn’t care about its citizens. But if you consider the hard evidence, it seems true. If they were truly concerned about public health, they would provide useful information on better ways to get and stay healthy. For example, life-saving medications like insulin and Epi-pens were made cheaper under President Trump. But Biden suspended the executive order to keep those prices affordable. Now we have government officials threatening to keep people from working or going to school if they don’t take an experimental gene therapy shot. Is this really in the best interest of health?

The best way to stay healthy

Many people don’t realize that health is based on how well we take care of our bodies. If our government really wanted to promote public health, they would encourage people to exercise and eat healthy foods. They would use taxpayer funds to subsidize fresh produce, whole grains and lean meats, rather than the processed food that’s keeping Americans sick, overweight, and unhealthy. When the body gets plenty of vitamins and nutrients, not only is overall health improved, but the immune system is also stronger. That means your body is more efficient at fighting off infections, including COVID-19, the common cold, and the flu.

Your health decisions are your choice. The government has no business mandating medications or experimental vaccines. What they should do, is promote healthy habits. There is one problem though. It usually comes down to money. Our government officials like to invest in Big Pharma. When things like vaccines and prescription medications are promoted, they make money. It seems like a conflict of interest. And it is. But until people do the research and stop looking to the government as a savior, nothing will change. If you want to be healthy, eat a lot of whole foods and get some sunshine for vitamin D. Exercise and take care of your mental health. The body was made to fight off most infectious agents. In many cases, if you take care of yourself, you likely don’t need experimental shots and other prescriptions to stay healthy.

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