Job loss stress and staying positive

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Job loss

Job loss as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic affects millions of people worldwide. It is one of the most stressful things that can happen in anybody’s life. Companies that could not weather the lockdown closed their doors or downsized. Early retirement was forced on some, and work dried up for contract workers. Along with anxiety over the financial consequences comes stress, all of which can affect your mood. The situation can take a toll on your overall emotional and mental health, and a domino effect could impact your relationships with family and friends.

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For many people, their jobs define their being, representing a whole lot more than employment. It influences the way they see themselves and also how others see them. Although job loss can be overwhelming, now’s the time to take control and grab the bull by the horns. Those who can maintain their spirits might find a new sense of purpose.

Stay positive after job loss

Staying positive is a challenge in itself. Start by listing your positives. Write down everything you see as positives about yourself. Include your personality traits, skills, successes and accomplishments. List the skills you developed in every single project or situation in which you excelled. Most importantly, do not hide the list in a drawer; leave it where you can see it all the time. It will serve as a reminder of your strengths and give you reason when the going gets tough.

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Do not let job loss interfere with a routine

Keeping a routine can help you to stay focused on the task of job hunting. Hanging around and wishing for days to pass can quickly rid you of motivation. Keep to a start and end time similar to your regular schedule. However, do not avoid people and hide away; continue exercising and networking as before.

Create a doable plan

Finding employment in the current climate will not be easy. To avoid being overwhelmed, it may be wise to draw up a plan for your job search. Break up bigger goals into smaller, manageable tasks. Next, set priorities and tackle them one by one. Doing it that way, you can easily see where to modify your plan as you go along.

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Do not waste energy on things you can’t control

Focusing on anything that you can’t control would be a waste of energy that could be better spent on those you can control. Whether a prospective employer calls you to arrange an interview, or not calling you back at all is out of your control. Instead, spend your energy on improving your skills, your resume and your cover letter. Do not underestimate the contacts you have built up through networking. Utilize those be setting up appointments that might lead to job interviews.

To sum up, do not allow yourself to have troublesome thoughts. Focus on your list of positives to avoid difficult emotions and stress. Instead, refocus on positive emotions and do not give up on your job search.

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