Joe Biden’s plans don’t help the environment or American workers

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Joe Biden's plans don't help the environment or American workers - The Hot Mess Press

Many people expected the Biden administration to implement environmentally-friendly policies. That hasn’t been the case so far. Generally speaking, the democratic party tends to favor policies that help the environment. These policies often cause job loss and require the US to source raw materials and fuel from other countries. There is a trade-off when it comes to sourcing necessary fuels while trying to do what’s best for the environment. But two of the earliest actions put into place by Joe Biden are bad for the environment and they have the potential to negatively impact American workers on a huge scale.

Electric vehicles

Electric cars are a nice idea in theory. Some people prefer them over gas-powered vehicles. But they’re just not practical or desirable for many people. Electric cars need lithium-ion batteries for power. That’s a huge problem for the United States. This article states that China overwhelmingly controls the market on lithium-ion car batteries.  This makes the US more reliant on China. How frustrating for those who’ve worked to greatly decrease our dependence on China in the past 4 years.  Biden decided that using electric cars is a priority. He plans on replacing all federal vehicles, around 645,000, with electric vehicles. How fortunate for Nancy Pelosi and her husband. Somehow, they had the foresight to purchase call options on Tesla in December of last year. That sounds a lot like a conflict of interest.

Killing the Keystone pipeline

Who benefits from the end of the construction of the Keystone Pipeline? The environment? On the surface, this sounds true. But when you look deeper into the usefulness of the pipeline, shutting it down could actually have a negative impact on the environment. It also means job loss and the requirement of the US to be more reliant on foreign countries for fuel. Here’s what the media and the current administration aren’t telling you. Oil still needs to be moved without the pipeline. But now, the BNSF railroad will carry the oil. Interestingly enough, Warren Buffet owns that railroad. The pipeline was designed to benefit the American people. Shutting down the pipeline construction benefits billionaires, both in the US and abroad.

Many people assumed that a Biden administration would implement policies to help the environment. Americans are now in for a rude awakening. This administration plans to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles through tax credits and other incentives. But this hurts American workers in the auto industry.  China produces most lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars. The US has made so much progress in bringing manufacturing home. Now, we’re headed back towards dependence on China. The Keystone Pipeline employed Americans and provided an efficient way to move oil. Make no mistake, Joe Biden does not care about the environment. His wealth comes from investments in foreign fuel in China and Ukraine. Energy prices have already jumped tremendously since January 20, 2021. The Biden-Harris administration has already shown they don’t care about the American people or the environment.


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