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In a previous segment, we learned that the foods we eat create the best foundation for our bodies. Clean, organic food promotes the growth of strong, healthy cells. Chips and sodas do not. Healthy fats and oils (like avocados and olive oil) are good for us. Processed foods are not. Having a well-rounded diet is the first step in really getting healthy.

Some of you may need a little extra help though. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Why not use the tools that are available to help you accomplish your better health goals?

Concerning food, one of the handiest (and free!) tools you can utilize is My Fitness Pal https://www.myfitnesspal.com/. This website offers support in a variety of ways. Primarily, this is a place to log your caloric intake–food and drink. You can do this privately, or open up your food diary for others to look at. You can also utilize the support networks within the website. Some of these support groups are tailored toward specific folk, like “stay at home moms” or “need to lose 100 lbs”. You can also create your own thread and ask questions. One thing is clear when you utilize My Fitness Pal: you are not alone and many people understand your struggles and will cheer you on when you reach your goals. One of my favorite features about this website is that it offers a variety of mobile apps: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/apps.

Once you start feeling better, you’ll naturally feel ready to move more. Heck, you might even be ready to start exercising. Look out world! This intimidating step can be conquered with the help of–you guessed it!–some online support. My favorite is BodyBuilding.com: http://www.bodybuilding.com/

Even on my sweatiest, hardest workout days, I never looked like the athletes featured on the website. But that’s okay–there is a lot to love about the site, like helpful articles, support forums, and expert advice. My most favorite feature is the ability to price-compare supplements. These supplements usually come with helpful reviews from other website members. Again, in this kind of environment, it is hard to feel alone. The users are friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to share their experiences to help you along your fitness journey.

If you need a company that sells multiple workout programs, Beachbody is the site for you: https://www.beachbody.com/?e=431445. This is a great site to utilize when you just don’t know what kind of workout to do. Inspiring video clips will show you what you’re in for. Like the other sites I mentioned, this company also lends help through countless support groups created by people just like you–people wanting to get fit and healthy.

Now you’ve got the tools you need to get started. Go slow, listen to your body, eat clean, and utilize the online support of other like-minded fitness folks. Best of luck–no, HEALTH– to you as you journey forward to the best gift you can give yourself: a healthy body. Now, go get it!!

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CJ Heath is a fitness enthusiast. Well, that just sounds really hoidy-toidy. Let’s say that she just likes to pursue better health through clean eating (most of the time) and working out. She has spent many years depending on the support from others who want to achieve better health and fitness. As they say (whoever they are!!), “The more, the merrier!!”

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