Kanye West: Friend or foe of Jesus Christ?

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Kanye West, crowd with hands raised

There are a few topics that tend to incite debate, and Christianity is definitely one of them. Even within the Christian community itself, you might find numerous interpretations and belief systems regarding the general tenets and truths of believers. When a person accepts Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World, other people, especially fellow Christians, usually rejoice. Kanye West has let his fans and the world at large know that he recently chose to surrender his life to Christ but not every person who heard the news was happy about it.

Kanye West is no stranger to the headlines; in fact, he and his wife, Kim Kardashian West, are often the subject of them. In recent days, news reports include content that questions West’s sincerity regarding his newly found faith in Jesus Christ. While some people say it’s nothing short of a miracle, others have accused Kanye of exploiting God and Christians in order to make a profit. (Not a prophet. Get it? lol)

Which Kanye West category are you in?

There are several basic categories we can use to classify the general public regarding Kanye West’s professed  spiritual and religious conversion. First, there are those who believe 100% that he’s being sincere. Next, some people believe it nearly 100% but have a distant, lingering anxiety and worry that they’ll later learn that it was all a hoax or personal money-making scheme.

Many anti-West supporters are all-out decrying his conversion as a selfish, greedy plan to take advantage of believers and others. They say he’s using his ‘act’ for personal financial gain. There are also some people who don’t believe the rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, fashion designer is on the up-and-up but they “hope” they’re wrong because Kanye needs the Lord. There’s a final group as well. Here, you’ll find those who have actually accused West of being a false prophet, somehow preying upon the American public and people throughout the world. This group says he’ll be the downfall of Christians everywhere.

What Kanye West has been up to lately

On “The Late Late Show,” Kanye West praised God on high. He also referred to the POTUS as his “brother.” West says God is showing His power through him. He cites the fact that, last year, he was tens of millions of dollars in debt but after giving his heart to Christ, he got a $68 million tax refund. (Hmmm, I’ve been praising God all my life but I still owe at tax time. What gives, Kanye?) Mr. West has also been spotted wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat in public.

The hat really gets people riled up. They say he’s berating his own cultural/racial group. Kanye West has published a new album dedicated to Jesus. He has also made some political statements, such as “Democrats are making us abort our children.” People have supposedly asked to be baptized as Christians after listening to West preach.

West has inspired people to think of Jesus

Let it not go unnoticed that albums and songs with titles such as “Jesus is King” are topping the charts. People are talking about Christ because they’re talking about Kanye. I read one quote where the rapper-husband-father-superstar said his purpose on the planet is to know, love, fear and serve God. God wants us to be all in. He’s right about that. Families, preachers, atheists, agnostics, teachers, students, music fans, reporters and others are discussing Christianity. Jesus is making headlines because West is in the news, so it might not be all bad, right?

The results belong to God alone

Whether or not Kanye West has truly converted to Christianity is not for us to judge. That judgement belongs to the One, True God. Are West’s conservative viewpoints a sign that he is an ally of white supremacists? Does he hate black people? Is he sexist? Will his marriage end in divorce? “The people want to know!” (said the writer, in a snarky tone of voice).

It’s not likely we’ll find definite answers to these and other burning questions regarding Kanye West and his faith in Jesus. You can certainly purchase his new album and see if listening to it helps form your opinions. You can also ignore the situation altogether, or perhaps, take an even closer look. Is this a foretelling of a major spiritual revival to come in the United States? I personally would like to take the megastar at his word, as I would anyone who says he or she has given his or her life to Christ. Why not let’s be glad for him, assume he’s sincere, and then, leave the rest to God?


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