Kentucky high school in hot water over inappropriate homecoming festivities

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Kentucky high school in hot water over inappropriate homecoming festivities - The Hot Mess Press

I can’t say it enough. Be aware of what’s going on in your kid’s school. Ask questions, check the school’s social media accounts, and keep an open dialogue with your children so they can tell you if something happens that makes them uncomfortable. There have been a lot of stories lately about teachers acting inappropriately in the classroom. While alarming, this is actually a good thing. It shows that parents are waking up to what’s happening in schools. Recently, a high school in Kentucky posted some pictures of homecoming events. This seems innocent enough. But the pictures are actually disgusting and completely inappropriate. We could excuse the teenagers from the behavior because we all know that teens don’t always make the best decisions. But the principal and teachers were complicit in all of it. Based on what I saw of the event, some people need to lose their jobs and possibly face charges.

Homecoming is not like it used to be

When I was in high school we had pajama day, battles between the different grades, and a huge pep rally on Friday before the game. There were other silly pageants and events, but I can’t imagine what we would have thought if we had witnessed the foolishness that went on at this Kentucky high school. Teenagers are notorious for doing stupid things and making bad decisions, but I think most probably realized that this was wrong. It’s completely inappropriate for the teachers and principal to be interacting with students in the ways shown in the pictures. What’s worse is that someone saw nothing wrong with it and proceeded to post the pictures on social media. Surely, no sane person believes that boys or girls should be wearing lingerie in school and giving lap dances to teachers.

Adults should know better

The principal at Hazard High School is no stranger to being inappropriate with minors. In 2008, he was under investigation for allowing minors to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes as he drove them around in his car. It’s obvious this man doesn’t understand boundaries. He, and the other teachers involved, have no business being around children. High school is hard enough without having teachers that cross the line when it comes to appropriate behavior. They set a very poor example for impressionable teenagers.

Homecoming should be a fun event that focuses on school spirit. While the dress code is usually relaxed during events, should it ever be relaxed enough to allow lingerie in school? Some of the kids probably thought it was amusing. But at the same time, there were probably a lot who felt uncomfortable. The teachers and principal should not have participated or encouraged this event. Boys dressing up for a pageant during homecoming is nothing new. We had a similar event when I was in high school. But they wore dresses and wigs, not women’s underwear. There is something important to learn from this. You can’t send your kids to school and just assume they’ll be safe. Stay involved and be aware of everything going on in your children’s schools.

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