Kidney health improves with these 3 foods

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A startling number of people today are dealing with adverse health issues. It is a fact that most of the health problems that exist in this country are caused by what we breathe, eat or put on our skin. Do you someone who has suffered from kidney stones or other kidney health issues? You probably do. In fact, you may have even experienced such issues yourself. If the kidneys fail, survival is not possible, unless the person in question could receive a transplant.

Because kidney function is so critical to human health, it makes sense that each of us would want to make our kidneys as healthy and strong as possible. There are numerous foods that promote healthy kidneys and help to avoid things like kidney stones. In this post, we are focusing on three specific foods. However, you are encouraged to do some more research after reading this, so that you can discover even more food items that, if eaten regularly, can boost kidney health.

Asparagus is one of the best foods for kidney health

kidney health, colander filled with fresh asparagus

If you buy asparagus at a store, it is expensive. If you grow your own, however, it takes a year or two for a crop to start thriving, but once it takes hold, you might even wind up with more than your family can eat. (That’s when you start freezing it!) Whether you buy it or grow it or barter with a friend for it, try to get more asparagus into your diet if you are concerned about kidney health. There is a substance in asparagus known as glutathione. This is a powerful detoxification agent.

Eating asparagus helps cleanse your kidneys and bladder. (Infections in one of these often leads to problems in the other.) This delicious vegetable is also packed full of fiber, iron and folate. Add to that some vitamin E, C, A and K, and you’ll begin to understand why this food is so good for your kidneys. As an added health boost, eating asparagus is also said to alleviate high blood pressure.

Eat more blueberries to boost kidney health

kidney health, baskets of blueberries

Along with your savory asparagus, consider adding a handful of blueberries to your meal if you want to improve kidney health. One of the unique things about blueberries is that they are even healthier when you eat frozen ones. Blueberries are high in antioxidants, which prevent and fight cancer cells. You can eat them as is or add to yogurt, salad or additional fruits to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Blueberries, when eaten every day, also help prevent diabetes, heart disease and obesity. (The latter is a base factor toward many health problems.) This is another crop you can grow at home and one of the best foods you can eat to strengthen your kidneys.

Drink adequate amounts of water every day

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You might feel like this last item on the list isn’t really a food. However, it’s being included because it is undoubtedly one of the most critical components of kidney health. Your kidneys cannot function properly without water to flush them throughout the day. Drinking soda, energy drinks and other liquids that are not water is not helpful. Drinking water removes waste from the blood and helps to excrete toxins from the body.

If you don’t drink enough water, where do you think those toxins are going? Many of them of are settling in your kidneys! Water also helps your blood vessels stay open so that blood can travel to your kidneys. Your kidneys obtain much needed nutrients this way. If you are dehydrated, the system of delivery fails and your kidney health suffers. So many people live in a chronic state of dehydration without even realizing it. If you want to improve your health in the new year ahead, commit to staying properly hydrated with water.

Symptoms of kidney trouble should never be ignored

bare back of male torso, red color to show inflammation, hand holding lower back to show pain

If your kidney health is failing, you might experience numerous symptoms. Such symptoms include cramping or aching in that area of your body. You might also have trouble sleeping or lack an appetite for food. Fatigue, low urine output and mental confusion can also signify an underlying kidney problem. Infection or disease in the kidneys can quickly escalate to a life-threatening condition. This is why you should never disregard symptoms. To avoid kidney stones and other health problems, learn more about what specific foods contain properties that promote healthy kidneys.

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