Kids in public school? Be aware of teachers and their agenda

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Kids in public school? Be aware of teachers and their agenda - The Hot Mess Press

There are some wonderful teachers in public school classrooms across the nation. These are people who went into the profession because they enjoy teaching and they want to help kids in a meaningful way. Then you have the opposite. Many teachers have an ulterior agenda. While these teachers may be in the minority, they do exist. This is why you should know what’s going on in your child’s classroom. Recently some alarming stories about public school teachers have come to light.

If you have kids in public school, it’s important to talk to them and to be very aware of the things being taught. Ultimately, you are the main educator for your children, especially when it comes to morals and values. A teacher’s political opinions should never be taught to children. In fact, many would argue that if the students know the political affiliations of a teacher, then that teacher has failed at their job.

Inappropriate political statements

One Utah teacher recently ranted about President Trump and spoke out against those who are unvaccinated against COVID-19. Neither of these is an appropriate classroom subject, especially in a chemistry class. Fortunately, this teacher is no longer employed by the school district. A California high school teacher has repeatedly made some students uncomfortable with his political views. He displayed an Antifa flag in his classroom and hinted that those who were uncomfortable with the flag were fascists.

In another alarming incident, a teacher had removed the American flag from her classroom because it made her uncomfortable. She instead encouraged her students to say the “Pledge of Allegiance” to a gay pride flag that was displayed in her classroom.  Teachers are free to believe what they want. But they should not be displaying those beliefs in any way to impressionable children in a public school setting.

Know what’s going on in your child’s classroom

Even though your kids may spend many hours a day in the classroom with their teacher, you are still the main influence in their life. Stay vigilant and aware of your children’s teachers. Know the curriculum, especially when it comes to potentially harmful content like critical race theory. Talk to your kids and encourage them to come to you if the teacher says something that makes them uncomfortable. Be sure that your kids know that you are willing to listen. Many times, especially in the case of the previously mentioned Marxist teacher, kids may hear negative things about their parents. Some teachers may cause kids to question what they’ve been taught at home through political indoctrination in the classroom. Ultimately, even if your kids go to public school, you are still in control of their education.

Parents are and should always be the number one educator of their children when it comes to morals and values. All teachers have the right to their beliefs, just like all Americans. But when they teach in a public classroom, those beliefs should be left at home. The teacher is responsible for teaching math, science, reading, etc. They are not morality teachers and they have no business speaking about their political views. Stay hyper-aware of what is going on in your child’s classroom.

Ask them questions and encourage them to tell you if something feels off. You have every right to speak your concerns to the school board and get other parents involved. As a parent, you have the right and power to take action against teachers who aren’t doing their job. Remember why you send your child to school. It probably doesn’t involve them learning radical ideologies or hearing political rants.


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