Knit Like a Boss Because It’s Good for You

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Did you know that knitting has helped some anorexics and chronic pain sufferers deal with their issues? Crafting in general is literally good for you and this article states that knitting can produce effects similar to meditating.

Knitting and crocheting has brought a lot of peace and joy to my life… and hopefully to those who receive the finished products of my whims and fancies. I love finding a pattern that excites me. It’s so easy for me to imagine that I already have the supplies in hand and I’m happily running the yarn through my fingers and needles. I will confess– I love, love, LOVE watching TV. To assuage my guilt over this crime, I keep my hands busy with yarn and needle or hook. I remember how long a project is by recalling how much of a series I’ve watched as I’ve completed a particular piece of work.

No, I’m not a granny, and no, I didn’t learn how to to knit or crochet as a child.  Rather, I didn’t learn until I was 35! I had a great teacher who taught me the basics but I was propelled forward in my skill through the power of YouTube.  I always find infinite inspiration on this lovely site: Ravelry.  And when I inevitably hit a break wall because I don’t understand something in the pattern, I turn to YouTube. So many generous people offer free lessons and even complete patterns. Some of my favorite YouTube teachers are the Knit Witch and Knitting Daily TV. I also like VeryPink Knits. Without exception, I always find the help I need to work out the kinks in my pattern. Through this process, I learn new techniques and methods–that feels good to my brain!

For those of you who don’t know, knitting requires two needles while crochet only requires a single hook. Once you’ve got pattern in hand, you pick out your yarn and you’re on your way! To get you started, my favorite place to buy needles and hooks include: Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Hancock Fabrics. I’ve only linked the store locator info because because I want you to have the fun of shopping in person versus ordering online–nothing beats seeing the yarn in person and touching all the different fibers.

So c’mon…if this pretty-much-middle-aged woman can learn something new and can create awesome homemade gifts, so can you. With the power of a teacher and the internet, you can make anything you want. We should all work on our health and well-being in a positive and creative way. For me, nothing beats the ability to shush that “fight or flight” response by pulling out the latest blanket or amigurumi.

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CJ Heath believes it’s never too late to learn anything–ESPECIALLY arts and crafts, and she’d love to know what YOUR first project is going to be!

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